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Mass Media Overwhelming Public

No description

Sierra Smith

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Mass Media Overwhelming Public

Mass Media By Sierra Smith Citizen Journalism Mass Media Media's Omnipresent Corrupt Rein of Power General: Political Influences Voting Influences Public Interest Influence Technological Advancements Laws General Influence First Constitutional Amendment Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of the PRESS Overwhelming Media Surrounds the Public
Massive Growth
Broken Laws
Biased Stories
Difficult Objectivity
Controlling Corporations
Competition Pressure
Influential Opinions
Unclear Viewer Needs Daily Newspaper Hours per Person per year total declined from 2000 to 2008 from 180 to 164 hours
Consumer Internet Hours per Person per year total increased from 2000 to 2008 from 107 to 236 hours Constant Flow of Information Celebrity Gossip Corporations: Bias Corporations Advertising Influence Adults Children Other Influences Human Environment Safer?
Happier? Terrorism Children Influences 87% - Too Much Coverage on Celebrity Scandals 54% - Blame news organizations for covering too severely 32% - Believe the fault comes from the public for paying attention Privacy Boundaries Privacy
Publishing Falsely Federal Communications Commissions
Media Ownership Reform Act of 2005 84% of Americans Believe National News Media is very or somewhat Biased
14% of Americans Believe National News Media is somewhat biased or not at all Around 60% of Americans believe news stories contain inaccurate details often
About 75% of Americans claim news stories favor one side of an issue over another War Bias Visual Bias Narrative Bias Liberal Bias Conservative Bias 66% of Independent Newspaper
Over 33% of Independent television stations
34% of Independent Radio Stations Ownership Revenue Focus Walt Disney Company
News Corporation
Time Warner
CBS Corporation
NBC Universal
Sony Corporation of America Broadcasting Multiple Ownership Limitations Layoffs Bad Programing Coverage Princess Diana's Death School Shootings Controlling Public Opinion Public Relation Experts Negative Bias Violence Fairytales 45 Hours of Media Absorbance per Week in a Child's Life Online Dangers Quick Advantageous Information
ALL The Detailed Facts Network/Corporation Bias
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