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How Marketing needs to work with PR and Customer Care to overcome Social Media riots

Presentation for Social Media Influence, London, June 2013, EDITED for Web use

Vit Horky

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of How Marketing needs to work with PR and Customer Care to overcome Social Media riots

How Marketing needs to work with PR and Customer Care on Social Media.
It's like a call centre, but on social media.
Community Manager.
www.brandembassy.com // @Brand_embassy
Vit Horky
horky@brandembassy.com // @vithorky
Social Care
is the 2014 marketing
When customers need to solve service issues, they prefer to do it via:
Clickfox Consumer Survey 2012 - customer experience analytics
It is not. Consumer behaviour has dramatically changed. 42% of online users mention brands because they ask for HELP.

TNS Aisa, 2011
You would pick up
the phone also...
So who needs to be involved in #socialcare to reach the best quality and responsiveness?
Customer Service
"We build loyalty and WOM"
"We generate leads!"
"We increase retention"
"We upsell!"
"We minimize crisis"
"Social media is too risky to get into."
"What is this Facebook for?"
TODO: Implement Social to existing processes in a call centre + Take care of only customer service issues.
TODO: Stay alerted. Get notified automatically
or by Marketing when something happens.
TODO: Set strategy and processes, choose technology platform for social care. Focus on marketing and community management. Delegate Care to Customer service.
Social CRM
"Social Media is too big to be
the responsibility of so few."

By involving Customer Service and PR, you:
Minimise risks of crisis
Improve resolution time
Increase sales to existing customers
30% customer brand mentions are posted outside of OWNED channels.
Brand Embassy, 2012:
Owned Social Channels
(Facebook page, Twitter channel, ...)
Earned Social Channels
(Discussion forums, blogs,
user profiles)
Thank you!
Vit Horky
horky@brandembassy.com // @vithorky
Key learnings
Customer Service:
Enough about Brand Embassy. Let's talk about somebody else...
Mark manages social communities on a Facebook page as well
as on Twitter and other social networks.
This is what his managers wants from Mark. A lot of likes.
...and a sense of one happy family. Customers who are eager to consume and share a company's marketing messages.
This is how everyday reality usually looks like. People are constantly asking about products and they complain.
The "happy family" is willing to group up only when complaining. The marketing benefit of Social is minimized.
Back to Mark
His managers are blaming him for all this loss.
But is it really his fault?
Use of Social for customer service is popular. Not businesses, but customers changed.
There are thousands of Carols reaching out Vodafone and other mobile operators every day.
"No other channel serves you an entire customer issue summarized just to 140 characters. It's so easy to respond." @vithorky
Still, there are many businesses that don't respond to customers "calling" via Social.
Few months ago, we conducted an extensive research on the state of Social Care in the UK. Here are some of the most interesting results.
"Challenge 2013: To get Marketing, Care and PR work together on SOCIAL MEDIA." @vithorky
On the topic: Why Community management is not enough today.
- 42% customer mentions are customer service requests
- 1/3 of brand mentions published OUTSIDE of official Social Channels
- Marketing Dept. needs to cooperate with PR and Customer Service in order to save costs + reach the best possible response time + quality.
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