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The Kite Runner chapter 11-12

No description

haram ali

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of The Kite Runner chapter 11-12

As chapter eleven begins, Amir and Baba have moved to California and are struggling to settle down in their lives. While Amir is passing through schools, Baba takes on a job at the local gas station. Over the weekends, Baba and Amir venture out to the local Afghan flea market where they sell scrap for extra income. There, Baba and Amir are introduced to the Taheri family, where Amir meets Soraya. Amir is instantly infatuated with Soraya, and soon after asks for her hand in marriage. Around this time Baba’s health begins to deteriorate, and after several appointments and tests, Baba is diagnosed with lung cancer. Amir suggests chemotherapy, but Baba refuses for he has accepted his fate. The section ends off with Soraya revealing her past to Amir, and Amir reflects on his past and his guilt about Hassan.
-Heavy imagery describing what Amir sees when he drives through the neighborhoods in his community (Hosseini, Pg 142-143)

-'America' is used by Amir not only in a metaphor but also as a symbol (Hosseini, Pg 144)

-Poison tongues would flap - Gives the reader a relation between poison and tongues (Hosseini, Pg 155)

-'Like Satan, cancer had many names' Relates to amount and also (Hosseini, Pg.164)
In these chapters:
Written in order of chronological events
Flashbacks or recollections of past often used as relation to current events (I.e. pg. 151, 169) - making connections
New paragraphs
Italicized words
BY: Haram, Amna, Courtney, Naqiyah
The Kite Runner chapters 11-12
Questions - Courtney
1. Do you think it was brave and smart for Amir to tell his father what field he wanted to continue his studies in or do you think it was best for Amir to lie and follow what his dad had in mind (I.e. doctor, lawyer, etc.)? Why? or why not?

2. How has living in America changed the way Amir and Baba take on their daily lives?

3. Will marrying Soraya change Amir's character positively, negatively or not at all? Why?
Baba and Amir have moved to Fremont California from Pakistan (Pg 132)

Questions - Naqiyah
What are some themes present in these chapters? Give an example to support your answer.

What do you interpret from Amir's behavior after arriving into America? How do you think he feels in comparison to Baba?

Questions- Amna
Do you think moving to America has made Baba and Amir's relationship stronger ? And How?

Questions- Haram
Do you think it was unfair that Amir didn't share his secret about abandoning Hassan with Soraya even after she shared her secret?

Do you think it was fair for Amir when Baba refuses to take chemo therapy?

I was still marveling at the size of the country, its vastness. Beyond every freeway lay another freeway … (pg143-144)

America was different. America was a river, roaring along, unmindful of the past (pg144)

“By that summer, Afghan families were working en entire section of the San Jose Flea market”(145)

The rain General Taheri had spoken about at the flea market was a few weeks late…(165)

Was it right of Baba to act the way he did at the store because it wasn't like Afghanistan and he was having trouble adjusting in America?
Cooperative (pg.134-135)
Grateful (pg.136-137)
Ambitious (pg.141-142)
Uncooperative (pg.134)
Caring (pg.137)
Ashamed (pg.138,153)
Proud (pg.139)
Accepting (pg.165)
General Taheri:
Respected (pg.146-147)
Protective (pg.161)
Accepting (pg.172)
Shy (pg. 149,154)
Ambitious (pg.159)
Caring (pg.169)
Honest (pg.174)
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