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The Invisible Man

a summary on the book by H.G Wells

Alexis Dolinski

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of The Invisible Man

Rising Action There is a burglary at the Vicarage and not a trace of evidence is found. Falling Action The Invisible Man seeks refuge (after being hunted down by the public) at an old friends house. By: Alexis Dolinski The Invisible Man Rising Action Then, just like that, the Invisible Man reveals his Invisibility and the town goes into a state of shock and panic. Climax The Invisible Man gets angered by this and swears to have his revenge on Mr.Marvel INTRODUCTION A strange man stumbles into the Coach and Horses inn begging for food and shelter. Mr.Marvel gets to keep all of the stolen money That was a short clip of an Invisible man movie in the 1960's The man starts to conduct strange experiments and noises can be heard from the upstairs... THANK-YOU
for watching! I hope you enjoyed it! NOT COOl! People start to get curious about this new visitor and start to wonder.. "Who is this stranger?" "What is his business here in Iping?" "Why is he all bandaged up?" He is all bandaged up and no one can see his face. He also gets to keep all the invisible man's books and diaries which contain all of Griffin's secrets. When he arrives, he is without his luggage and makes a fuss in trying to get it back. He eventually gets it... R.I.P
Griffin The Invisible Man is a suspect! The Invisible Man later meets a man named Thomas Marvel and uses him to his advantage At first Mr.Marvel goes along with it, but later he wants nothing more to do with the Invisible Man and his evil ways This leads to a series of affairs and events between Mr.Marvel and the Invisible Man DR.KEMP Griffin also explains the story of how he became Invisible and the difficulties he had to face One last battle between the Invisible Man and Mr.Marvel takes place and the winner is declared with a final blow. THOMAS MARVEL Suspicions emerge that the stranger of Iping could be Invisible. But there is no conclusive evidence But before Mr.Marvel makes his recognition, he made a huge mistake by exposing the Invisible Man to a stranger The Invisible Man tells his future plans and schemes to Mr.Marvel Griffin tells Dr.Kemp of the time he narrowly escaped an emporium after he stole some items. We find out from Dr.Kemp what the Invisible Man's REAL name is...
GRIFFIN ...and some angry towns people At the inn he meets two people by the name of Mr. and Mrs. Marvel Money is stolen... FIN! Inside his bags, are various test tubes and bottles. Some empty and some filled with strange fluids The Invisible Man goes on an Invisible rampage fighting off everyone that gets in his way. The Invisible Man forgets his important research notes and diaries when he leaves... He has to get them back... comes out on top... The Invisible Man gets brutally beaten and DIES... Conclusion He uses Mr.Marvel to get his books back at the inn Mr.Marvel succeeds in doing so... A SUMMMARY By: Alexis Dolinski MR.MARVEL comes out on top When Griffin wanders back to Iping to find Mr.Marvel, he is ambushed and attacked
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