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What influences me

No description

Julia Bikbaeva

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of What influences me

What influences me? First of all, the people My parents My friends Celebrities and such Good
They let me eat foods and like them, influencing my taste
Their style of life influences me later on Bad I pick up their habits, which could be good or bad
They influence the way I dress because they buy my clothes Good Bad They teach me ways to do different things
They expand my tastes in things I might get peer pressure
They might tell me something is cool when its not, but i do it anyway Good Bad They might tell me to believe in myself
They might be my role model They might do something stupid like go to jail
They might sing/act etc something bad
They might show me somethings that are bad Then , the objects Music Media Literature Good It might be music with inspirational lyrics
It can have lyrics to tell you to hang in there, it'll be alright
It can have motivating lyrics Bad It can have inappropriate lyrics
It can be sad music
Or mad music Good Bad It can tell you good news
It can be something like Go do it! Its good for you! and you will The news can make you sad
The ads can sell bad products, though you think there good Good Bad It can be motivating
Or inspirational
It can tell me good stories, making me want to read all the time It can be scary
Or sad
Or tell me bad things
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