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Genre Theory

An introduction to Genre Theory

Steven Upsall

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Genre Theory

Introduction to Genre Theory Daniel Chandler "Conventional definitions of genre are based on the idea that they share particular convention of content e.g. themes or setting."
Steve Neale "Genres are instances of repetition and difference; this is what pleasure for the audience is derived from"
John Hartley "The same text can belong to different genres in different countries or times"
David Buckingham "Genre is a constant process of negotiation and change"
John Fiske "Genre attempts to structure some order into a wide range of texts and meanings that circulate in our culture for the conveniences of both producers and audiences" Genre Theory Tutorial on Genre Theory Genre means kinds or types
Genres have characteristics and features that are expected by the audience What is Genre? Discuss these points:
Genre is an abstract concept that depends on the person interpreting the text
Texts may belong to multiple genres
Some genres have not been classified
There are problems with the definitions of specific genres
Super genres, genres and sub-genres: classifying them may depend on the analyst
What is the difference between mode and genre?
Do genres have to be strictly alike or resemble each other?
How does purpose define genre?
How should we understand genre - as fixed or mutable?
How does context influence genre? Reflecting on genre theory What is genre theory?
What some of the issues raised in genre theory? Why are these issues raised?
How can you apply genre theory to your understanding of genre?
Bringing it together... List examples of popular genres
Underneath each genre write examples of texts
Examine their common characteristics and features
Why do audiences find genres satisfying?
Why would text creators find genre satisfying?
Are there issues with genre? Reflection Points
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