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Animal Cell Amusement Park

No description

Maha Senthil Kumar

on 6 September 2014

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Transcript of Animal Cell Amusement Park

Where you will
take a roller
coaster ride
through the parts
of the cell!

Six Cells Amusement
Animal Cell Amusement Park
Powerhouse of the cell.
Contains DNA.The nucleus is
like the weather because it
controls the weather if open
or not.
The nucleolus resembles the ribosomes.
The nucleolus is like a roller coaster
It acts as a storage tank inside the cell.
The vacuole acts as the warehouse to
store extra parts.
Constructs proteins in a cell.The ribosomes acts as the engineers that
construct rollar coaster in an amusement park.
It makes energy for the cell.The mitochondria acts as the food stalls in
an amusement park.Food stalls provide
energy for amusement park guests.
It holds all organells inside a cell.Bolts act as a cytoplasm in an amusement park because bolts hold all roller coaster
into the ground.
The E.R transports things throughout the cell.The E.R acts as the roller coaster
car transporting people from the start to
end of the ride.
Golgi Body
The Golgi body packages
things that can be shipped out
of the cell later.The Golgi body
acts as the seat belt in the
roller coaster.
Cell Membrane
It determines what can go
in and out of the cell.The
cell membrane acts as the
ticket booth.
Cell Wall
It protects the shape of the
cell.The fence in the
amusement park acts as
the cell wall.
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