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California Floristic Province

No description

Julisa Crowder

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of California Floristic Province

by Julisa Crowder
6th per.

My hotspot is located on the Pacific Coast of North America.
Where in the world is your hotspot?
The flora of California Floristic Province has over 5,500 native plant taxa, 40% of them being endemic.
List the plants and animals that are endemic. (at least three for each)

The region has a number of threatened endemic species such as the giant kangaroo rat and the condor. The kangaroo rat has become an endangered species because it can usually blend into its environment, which the desert, but their desert habitat has been turned into oil fields and farmland. Due to many factors including loss of habitat, a low reproductive rate, poisoning, and shooting, the California condor has become extinct.
Describe characteristics of at least two organisms that cause them to be endangered or threatened. Use your knowledge of K-selected species to address this.)
California Floristic Province
In what biome is your hotspot located? Describe the basic climate patterns of your location.
The California Floristic Province is in a deciduous biome and has a Mediterranean climate meaning it is a variety of subtropical climate. It is characterized by hot, dry summers, and cool, wet winters.
• California condor
• Guadalupe junco
• Grizzly bear
• The giant sequoia
• The coastal redwood
• California wild rose

Provide two human induced reasons for a decrease in biodiversity. What is being done to protect your hotspot?
The Conservation International set restrictions on hotspot that makes up the criteria for a biodiversity, but first, they focused on the problems causing species to go endangered. California spent a lot of money to preserve the lands than any other state.
The hotspot is heavily threatened by pollution, urban areas, and road construction.
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