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Photosynthesis Lab

No description

Nikita Paturu

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Photosynthesis Lab

How Distance of light source
affects Photosynthesis By: Nikita Paturu
Youree Choi
3rd period Procedure Data and Conclusion Data Conclusion Sources of Error Observations Making the light source Overview of procedure What we did Variables used/tested Background Many factors affect the rate of photosynthesis,one of the most important factor tested was the light intensity. In other words how intense should the light be for photosynthesis to occur.Many variables were used in the making of this experiment,such as spinach disks, bicarbonate solution, and light,but only light was manipulated. Independent: Distance of light/intensity of light

Dependent: Amount of Bicarbonate solution
Amount of disks
Time 1. Cut out at least 30 spinach disks using a hole punch.
Attain 3 syringes and remove the piston or plunger and
place 10 in each syringe.
2. Make make .2 % bicarbonate solution and add a drop of diluted soap and place plunger back into syringe, and then take some solution+ diluted soap into the syringe
3.Put your finger on the end of the syringe and pull the piston back,until all the disks are to the bottom,and there is no air. If they don't all come to the bottom on the first try, repeat.
4.After that is complete put disks and solutions back into a vile carefully,and place in their respected conditions: no light, 20 cm away from light, 30 cm away from light.
5. Repeat for each condition 1. Plug in a light source such as a lamp.
2. Fill a jar made of glass with water and place in front
of lamp.
3. Turn the light on.
4. Using a ruler measure in cenitmeters 20 cm and 30 cm
5. Mark the places and later place the viles. No light: None of the disks floated for the whole hour
that the disks were tested. They were all at the bottom.
20 cm away from light source: The first couple of minutes none of the disks floated but once about 10 minutes past, one floated until all of them floated when the hour was done.
30 cm away from light source: Surpriseingly for some reason, none of the disks floated when the disks were placed just 30 cm away. Raw Data: Graph: Time(mins) Number of floating disks Time(Min)
ET50 Light conditions
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