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camouflage person

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Democracy

By: Trinity Civay, Clair Kershner, Marshal Smith, Brandon Lotz,Dylan Clagg, Joel Elliott and William Bowman.
When and how to vote (age and place)
The voting age is 18. There are different places to vote for different people. Voting is very important for democracy. In democracy, there is a lot of power to the people. That can help a lot because nothing is forced upon us, like dictatorship or monarchy.
About Democracy
Democracy is when you can vote for your own laws, leaders, judges, secretary, etc. Once a president is voted for, the wife of that president is declared the first lady or the United States. Democracy was created in Ancient Greece many years ago.
What do you think Democracy is?
How To Vote.
What they do
When you vote there is a machine were you have to answer questions. When all the votes are in then they tell you who won and whoever you were voting for like president, vice president or secretary then one would win whoever got more votes.
The president is the leader of our states!
The first lady is is the wife of the president. The president is the person who declares the official bill to a law after it goes to the house of represenitives and the senate.
The vice president is who take the presidents place if he/she dies. The seceratery of state, takes over for the vice president if he/she dies. The president has many assitance, bodyguards and cooks. They may be a background, but they are still important.
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