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Massachusetts: The English Colony

Why You Should Move Here!

Sarah Hart

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Massachusetts: The English Colony

Why You Should Move Here! Massachusetts:
The English Colony The Beginnings of a Colony Full of trees Geography Climate Religion Crops Economy The English Colony Massachusetts By: Anjali Bhatt & Sarah Hart Why You Should Move Here Has rocky soil that is difficult to
farm on and is bad for crops that
do grow in the soil An advantage to the poor
farming soil is you can gain
a lot of fishing skills with the
lack of crops Has some rivers that pass
through the colony like
the Connecticut River Has quite a few lakes including Lake Chaubunagungamaug The Appalachian mountains run through the colony Plymouth Colony was
year of 1620 Founded by the
Pilgrims Pilgrims got here
by sailing on the
Mayflower Ship Plymouth Colony Massachusetts Bay Colony Founded in the
year of 1630 by
John Winthrop Painting of John
Winthrop, founder of
Massachusetts Bay Colony Massachusetts is
located in the region
of New England,
which is the coldest of
the three regions in
the colonies Had mild summers
that were short Had cold winters
that were long Picture of tallest mountain in
Massachusetts, Mount Greylock A lot of the population were Puritans Puritanism is a religion where
the Puritans want to "purify" An advantage to
living in this colony
is there is less
disease then in
warmer colonies Even with the poor
soil, they still grew
a lot of corn, pumpkins
rye, squash, and beans They weren't able to grow crops that were wheat or similar to wheat because the soil made it difficult to grow types of crops like that The colonists had a lot
of whale oil, which could
be used in lamps, due to
the whale hunting that
the colonists did Whale oil They were able
to do a lot of whale
hunting because
Massachusetts is on
the coast Items being traded Trade Boston Major Cities/ Towns Quincy Plymouth Geography Mountains Topographic map of Massachusetts The Appalachian Mountains run through
western Massachusetts Salem Lexington Concord Major Cities/ Towns Pros Pros and Cons of Living in Massachusetts Cons Less disease than
other colonies Gain fishing skills
because of poor soil Poor soil to grow
wheat-like crops
on Long, cold winters Has a lot of whale
oil due to all the
whale hunting Good trade Colony located in
the coldest of the
three regions of the
colonies Also is a strict religion Puritans didn't tolerate other types of
religion and in places they lived, there
was no religious freedom Fish
Furs Ships
Whale oil Port of Boston Located in Boston Major trading facility
in northeast Year founded: 1630 Year founded: 1625 Year Founded: 1620 Year founded: 1626 Year Founded: 1642 Year Founded: 1635
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