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S-E-X-ting in the USA: A Psychological Perspective

Sexting Talk: Dr. Michelle Drouin

Michelle Drouin

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of S-E-X-ting in the USA: A Psychological Perspective

Dr. Michelle Drouin
S-E-X-ting in the USA
Good luck on your test! xx
Show me your breasts.
Committed partners
Time before cell phones
How was your day?
Send me a naked pic.
Cheating partners
Casual sex partners
When strangers meet...
79 % prefer talking face-to-face
But do they?
Sometimes these pictures or videos are forwarded!
21% prefer instant messaging
<1% prefer a phone call
In 1989...
Now I have...
Simple slope analyses showed relationships stronger for men than women.
Poor sleep and health habits
Drouin et al., (2013)
CDC Report* on Sexual Activity from 15-24
*2002 data
Trends in text messaging
Ling (2010)
Standing wave
Drouin et al. (2013)
Drouin et al., 2013
Victoria's Secret Costumes, Selfridges Flannel Pyjamas
Committed Relationships?
Casual Sex Relationships?
55/155 = 35%
10/75 = 13%
In sexting deception: Does sex matter?
Casual sex
9/31 = 22%
42/93 = 45%
Casual sex
1/35 = 3%
15/62 = 24%
Drouin & Tobin (2014)
Unwanted but consensual sexting
Sample: 93 women and 62 men undergraduates
1/3 in past two weeks (O’Sullivan & Allgeier, 1998)
Among nonvirgins: Japan, 27%; Russia, 34%; and the U.S. 47% (Sprecher et al. (1994)
Drouin & Tobin (2014)
Among women
Drouin & Tobin (2014)
Fulfill partner's needs
but also... to avoid an argument
Links with physical abuse
Sample: 93 women and 62 men undergraduates
What is sexting?
sending or receiving
sexually-explicit text, pictures, or video
via a computer (i.e., cell phone, computer, etc.)
However, definitions have varied by study:
sending only
nude or nearly nude; sexually suggestive
via cell phones only
Dixit et al. (2010): 18.5% of medical students in India were nomophobes,
OnePoll in Britain (2013): 54% are nomophobes
Battery dying
Losing service
Not able to see phone
Drouin et al. (2013)
Mobile Phone Addiction
People even LIE about it to partners
And some do it even when they don't want to...
And you are using these phones to SEXT!
Let's get back to the main point of this talk.
Many of you are addicted to your phones...
All designed to help people connect
Despite the fact you use your phones so much, you avoid voice calls!
Drouin & Landgraff (2012)
Is it all just sexually suggestive? Nearly nude or nude?
Also related to attachment
Drouin & Tobin (in preparation)
Is it illegal?
That depends...
IN: Sexting can result in charges when images involve a minor. However, proposed legislation for:
4 years of separation
In a relationship
1/5 of young adults
End of presentation
but still beginning of story...
Legal questions
Implications for development and
interpersonal relationships

Technology & software innovations
Thank you
Charlene deGuzman & Miles Crawford
In 2013, 9 states introduced legislation related to sexting; 20 enacted since 2009
Drouin et al. (submitted)
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