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English 103

Final Project

Sundos Sbeih

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of English 103

Freshman at Kishwaukee College Rochelle, IL Middle Child of 5 girls Born in Jerusalem Janurary 31, 1992 Plays Soccer Class of 2009
Rochelle Township High School Sundos Sbeih Going to school for teaching The Descriptive Paper Loves kids Does not like meat Organized Pizza Loving I love food
I like my job Its fun and labor at the same time So many things to describe It was hard to describe specifically instead if basic --but that was the fun part because i challenged my self After writing the paper I loved my job The kitchen is the place to find food Pizza Brothers --Davis Junction, IL Its a pizza restaurant (My job) I chose the topic because
I thought it would fun to describe! The Narrative Paper Home Sweet Home Palestine Israel Lebanon United States Of America I chose to write about
how I got my freedom My country got occupied
My family and I got forced out of our home
US = Freedom for us I enjoyed writing the paper
because it was a reminder and
made me apperciate what I have today I was writing so much detail I did not know where to stop
i even cut out a page because the writing center said it was too much Visit to Palestine was a reminder and changed me for the better The Definition Paper R E S P E C T " Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves."
--U. Thant Respect is really important to me
I was raised up to highly respect people especially my elders.
I wanted to define respect from my point of view. Because respect is so big it was pretty hard to define down.

I wanted the reader to view/define respect as I do--
to maybe get a different idea of respect.

I had so many ideas in my head that I did not know how to put on paper. The Cause/Effect Paper College My least favorite of the all the essays -- I did not put a personal thoughts or story to the paper
-- I did not spend as much time on this one like the others
-- I think I could have chosen a better topic I just read the paper again and now I just think it is boring

But I do not think it was all that bad-- I wrote about community college/university...it made me think about my first semester so far.

I do think it sounds like a add sort of... It was an ok paper--- I know I could have done better. The Compare/Contrast Paper Cultral Crossings I liked this paper :-) It was my explaination to how my visit to Palestine changed me. From the narrative paper It was nice to write a paper about my trip to myself because I expressed my self than when I told people about my trip! One thing I would have done differently, revise-- I did not revise as much as I should have. Story was great, but putting it into a essay needed work. This I Believe Paper A Sister's Bond MY FAVORITE This paper was really important to me because it was about my relationship with my sisters. My parents relationships with their siblings was an effect on my sisters and I. This paper is a contract between my sisters and I --I made a copy for all 4 of my sisters! My sisters are important to me and I love them dearly. Saved the best for last :-) ALLLL DONE! ---I highly recommend this class especially Lise Schlosser because she is a great teacher, understanding, legit, and great for freshmans
(because she is easy going). One thing I wish I had known about was Prezi.com Do not procrastinate This class will only improve your writing and nothing less.
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