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Do Online Friendships Hurt Adolescent Development

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Anya Bellow

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Do Online Friendships Hurt Adolescent Development

What is Adolescent Development? - The systematic changes in an individual during the transitional period between childhood and adulthood.
( average age: 12-21) Do you think online friendships ARE hurtful?
Do you think online friendships are NOT hurtful? Do Online Friendships Hurt Adolescent Development? Social networking sites are the most popular in regards to communicating. 95% of adolescence use the internet
47% have smartphones
23% have tablets By: Anya` Bellow, Candance Quarels, & Tyra Chaisson Why Online Friendships are NOT Hurtful Enhances Communication
Connects to similar "you"
Internet involvement increases intimate self-disclosure, and helps teens foster trust and caring.
Increase in self-esteem
Advantages for current technology
Online friendships enhances offline Friendships Why Online Friendships ARE Hurtful Psychologically impair adolescent development

Online friendships displaces offline relationships

Time online negatively affects social & emotional behaviors

It is an escape from the real world In the 1990's the Internet was primarily used for entertainment, at present they predominately use it for interpersonal communication. Enhances Communication
Connect with Similar You Internet allows you to communicate with people on a large geographic scale. Online friendships enhances adolescence understanding of their development when they are able to connect to others Enhances Communication
Connect to similar you Fosters trust and caring
Increases Self-Esteem Certain sites allow you to open up to others and be yourself Advantages of Current Technology
Online Friendships Enhance Offline Friendships Psychologically Impairs adolescent development
Online Friendships displace offline relationships Dependency on social media (producing laziness)
Lack of intelligence
Increases Attention Seeking behavior Increases time spent away from developing meaningful human interactions
Lack of effective face-to-face communication The Internet has rapidly become a staple of modern life Time online negatively affects social and emotional behaviors Lack of social skills
Lack of developing meaningful relationships
low self-esteem, loneliness An escape from the "Real World" Unlimited freedom to be anybody but yourself Danger from actual online interaction Cyberbullying
"Catfish" According to Valkenburg and Peter, subjects spend more time on IM(instant message) than Chat.
91% say they often to always use IM for existing friends
37% say they often to always use Chat for existing friends
IM nor Chat was directly related to well being Many businesses like UL's financial aid department , use IM/Chatrooms to answer questions and have discussion
Some businesses require you to have or strongly favor those who advertise their business to their online friends and/or social networks Do you believe you and your friends are connected both online & offline?
Do you believe your friendship would be as strong or as close without online communication?
Do you believe that you get offended more because of online friendships?
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