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Ji-Eun Park

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of KINETIC ART -ART & PLAY 2011-

Lee Yong Deok Reading You are seeing an illusion. Is is a pop-up art? No, this is a carved art. Kim Dong Won La Fontaine Sometimes art can be cheerful to look at... have you seen a fountain of falling snacks? But, what if it's a controversy to excessive snack production? Marionette 3 Park Jong Yeong Sometimes art can be scary... trying to evoke our emotion Marionette 9 An Sue Jin The Plane Time We live in time... ...so does the art Park Chan Gyeol Slice image DAVID We try to find truth through the art

while the truth moves away within time Kim Dong Ho Ladybrid & Stag Beetle Although technology is developing and industrialization is developing Choi Mun Seok 12 disciples Light Wave Rowers Utopia Kim Gi Hun Measurement of the empty space Ok Hyun Suk Meditation on the sea and woods Park Sun Gi An aggregate 1107 We try to keep the
hisotorical nature into a form of new art. KINETIC ART ART & PLAY 2011 Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Art Museum Ji-Eun Park Hello Everyone!
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