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Pre-Registration Advising Tutorial

Pre-Nursing students will complete this tutorial before registration

Ryan Underwood

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Pre-Registration Advising Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will complete the following steps:
2. Review competitiveness of the SON
5. Review SON application information
6. Plan for your advising appointment
1. Prerequisites for the SON

1. Minimum total GPA of 2.70

2. Completion of:
Choice of one MAT or STT course: MAT 111/112/115/151/152/161/162 OR STT 210/215/QMM 280
PSY 105
CHM 101
Choice of one: SOC 105 or ECN 125/221
BIO 201*

*see your advisor for alternate options

The following prerequisites must be completed
prior to making your application to the SON

2. Competitive Nature of the SON
Admission to the SON is
highly competitive
. Please review the following statistics:
50 available spots for approximately 150-200 applications to the SON during each application period
Science/Math Prerequisite GPA Average for the last two cohorts: 3.74 and 3.83
Non Science/Math Prerequisite GPA Average for last two cohorts: 3.73 and 3.86
Average TEAS score from last two cohorts: 83.7% and 82.7%
3. TEAS Assessment
TEAS = Test of Essential Academic Skills

Students must take the TEAS before the testing deadline ends. Please refer to the following site for more information about testing deadlines, the recommended study guide, cost of the test, what the test covers and other important information:

3. Review information about the TEAS admissions test
4. Review other important advising information

1. Review prerequisites for the School of Nursing (SON)
4. Other Important Advising Information
*Full-time student status = minimum of 12 hours per semester

*Must have 124 hours to graduate from UNCW

*Nursing program = 61 credit hours

*If you go over 140 credit hours, you may incur a 50% tuition surcharge. Please contact the Registrar's office for more information on tuition surcharge issues or see the following link for more information:

6. Plan for Your Advising Appointment
Your degree audit is an important tool for assessing your progress in your major. You will need to run your degree audit each semester before meeting with your advisor.

For step-by-step instructions on how to run a degree audit, please see the following website:
5. SON Application Information
SON Application Evaluation Criteria:
Science/Math Prerequisite GPA = 50%

Non Science/Math Prerequisite GPA = 25%

TEAS Score = 25%
Science/Math Prerequisite GPA is comprised of grades from the following courses:

CHM 101
BIO 201
BIO 240
BIO 241
BIO 246
Choice of one: STT 210/215/QMM 280/PSY 225
Choice of one: MAT 111/112/115/151/152/161/162
Other Prerequisite GPA is comprised of grades from the following courses:

PSY 105
PSY 223
Choice of one: PAR 101/110/115/205/211/215
Choice of one: SOC 105/ECN 125/ECN 221
How SON GPA is Calculated:
GPA for Science/Math Prerequisites and Other Prerequisites will be calculated based on all
completed, credit-bearing courses.

Where courses have multiple options, the highest grade will be used for calculations.

Scores and grades
will not
be evaluated if they were received in AP courses, CLEP courses, audited courses, or courses repeated at another institution which have previously been taken at UNCW.

Students who receive AP credit for prerequisite courses must complete at least one course in each category (Science/Math Prerequisites and Designated Prerequisites) for a grade in order to be evaluated for admission potential.
Application Deadlines:
December 15 for fall admission

July 1 for spring admission
Application Location:
The SON application will be available online, via mySeaport, about six weeks prior to the application due date.
Due to the competitive nature of the SON application process, it is important to have a "Plan B" in mind, in case you are not accepted into the SON.
Some examples of "Plan B" options are:

-ADN program at community college, then RN to BS program at UNCW

-Apply to other BSN programs at other universities

-Change major to other interests, such as Clinical Research, Psychology, Community Health Education, Social Work or other medical fields

For additional information regarding the nursing program, please visit the following website:
School of Nursing Website (Program Admissions, Course of Study, Application and Evaluation Information, FAQs, etc.):

Advising Tutorial

School of Nursing

3. Minimum grade of C in all required nursing prerequisite and corequisite courses

4. Completion of the TEAS assessment

7. Schedule an appointment with your advisor
7. Schedule an appointment with your advisor
Please run your degree audit and become familiar with all information included on the audit before attending your advising appointment .
Please click on the following link to schedule an appointment with your advisor. This is a new online appointment scheduling system, similar to the system used at University College.
After scheduling your appointment, you have successfully completed the online advising tutorial. We look forward to meeting with you!
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