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Squirrels and Trees

No description

Gar Warsumpt

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Squirrels and Trees

Symbiotic Relationship Between
Squirrels and Trees This is the squirrel when the tree dies Symbiotic relationship The relationship between squirrels and trees is commensalism, because the squirrel benefits, while the tree is neutrally affected. A reminder of what the squirrel looks like
when the tree dies Example Squirrels use trees for easy food and shelter. The gray squirrel and the oak tree are the most common form of their relationship. The squirrel will eat and bury the tree's nuts, and live in its branches. Yet again, here is
another reminder of
how devastating it
can be for a
squirrel when its tree
dies. Survival increase If a squirrel were to hide in their tree, a bear who was craving some fine squirrel wouldn't be able to get to it, since it's in a tree, and hence increasing the survival of that squirrel. FUN FACT! because facts are fun Did you know that 20% of the tree nuts buried by squirrels grow into trees?
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