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2D Shapes

This Presentation is about 2D Shapes and what properties they all have. Also included are some online games about 2D Shapes. I hope you learn a few things from this presentation

Brylee Nicholson

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of 2D Shapes

By Brylee 2D Shapes A 2D shape is a shape that is 2 Dimensional. The 2D Shape is flat and has all different properties. What is a 2D Shape? Here are just some of the 2D Shapes 2D Shapes Circle Hexagon Pentagon Octagon Triangle Rectangle Here are more 2D Shapes More 2D Shapes Kite Rhombus Parallelogram Trapezium Square Heptagon Decagon Semi-Circle Nonagon Property 1 The Properties Of A Triangle A triangle has 3 sides. Property 2 A triangle has 3 angles which can be obtuse and acute. The angles on the triangle shown are acute. Property 3 The shown triangle has 2 equal sides and 1 shorter side. The Properties Of A Square Property 1 A square has four equal sides. Property 2 A square has four angles. All the angles in a square are right angles. Property 3 All sides of a square are parallel. Property 1 Properties Of A Rectangle A rectangle has four sides. Property 2 A rectangle also has four right angles. Property 4 A square has four corners. Property 4 A triangle has 3 corners. Property 3 A rectangle has 2 sets of parallel lines. Property 4 A rectangle has 2 lines of symmetry. Property 5 A rectangle has two sides that are the same and another two sides that are the same. One pair is shorter then the other. Property 1 Properties Of A Rhombus A rhombus has four sides. Property 2 A rhombus has four obtuse angles. Property 3 A rhombus has four corners or points. Property 4 All four sides of a rhombus are equal. Property 1 Properties Of A Parallelogram The parallelogram has four sides. Property 2 The parallelogram has four corners and four angles. Two of the corner angles are obtuse and the other corners angles are acute. Property 3 All sides of a parallelogram are equal. Property 1 Properties Of A Pentagon A pentagon has five sides and five corners. Property 2 The angles on the pentagon are all obtuse. Property 3 There are no sides that are parallel. Property 4 Two sides of the pentagon are the same but not parallel because they are turning away from each other. Another two sides are the same size but not parallel for the same reason. Now the last line is the odd one out because it all alone. That adds up to five lines which is a PENTAGON! Property 1 Properties Of A Hexagon A hexagon has six sides and six corners. Property 2 All six sides of the hexagon are equal. Property 3 All the angles of the hexagon are obtuse. Property 4 There are 3 lines of symmetry. Property 1 Properties Of A Heptagon A heptagon has seven sides. Property 2 A heptagon has seven points. Property 3 A heptagon has seven angles. All seven angles are obtuse. Property 1 Properties Of A Octagon A octagon has eight sides. Property 2 A octagon has four lines of symmetry. Property 3 All sides of an octagon are the same size and length. Property 4 All angles of an octagon are obtuse. Property 1 Properties Of A Nonagon A nonagon has nine sides. Property 2 A nonagon has nine corners. Each corner of a nonagon are angles. Their are nine obtuse angles in a nonagon. Property 1 Properties Of A Decagon A decagon has ten sides. Property 2 A decagon has all equal sides. Property 3 A decagon has five lines of symmetry. Property 4 A decagon has ten angles. All ten angles of a decagon are obtuse. Property 1 Properties Of A Kite A kite has four sides. Property 2 Two sides of the kite are equal and the other two are equal. Property 3 Their are four angles in a kite. Three are obtuse and one is acute. Property 1 Properties Of A Trapezium A trapezium has four sides and four corners. Property 2 A trapezium has four angles. Two angles are acute and two are obtuse. Property 3 Two sides of the trapezium are the same size and length but the other two are completely different to each other. What is an irregular shape? Irregular Shapes An irregular shape is a shape that is not regular for example this is a irregular shape Irregular Regular What does quadrilateral mean? What are quadrilaterals? Dictionary Meaning - having four sides A quadrilateral shape can be a regular shape or even a irregular shape. Quadrilateral Triangles are a three sided shape. Triangle Pentagon Pentagons are a five sided shape. Hexagon Hexagons are a six sided shape. Heptagon Heptagons are a seven sided shape. Octagon Octagons are a eight sided shape. Nonagon Nonagons are a nine sided shape. Decagon Decagons are a ten sided shape. Games You Can Play To Help Learn Shapes http://www.math-play.com/shapes-game.html http://www.purposegames.com/game/2d-shapes-quiz http://www.crickweb.co.uk/ks2numeracy-shape-and-weight.html#quad Go Share Your Knowledge With The World Property 3 Their is one line of symmetry.
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