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Activity 1.9 Design Innovation

The study of Tetracycline

Sehlah Khalid

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Activity 1.9 Design Innovation

Tetracycline What is it ? An Antibiotic
Fights bacteria in the body
Prevents the growth and spread of bacteria.
Derived from Strptomyces bacteria The History Behind the Invention! Inventor: Lloyd Conover
Created in 1955
Location of creation : Lederle Laboritiories
Came from a large family of antibiotics discovered by Benjamin Mine Duggar. What were the Patents? Pfizer
Terramycin What's is it used for? For the use of Acne
treat eye infections,
Rocky Mountain spotted fever,
urinary tract infections, Biomedical Engineering:
Helped to design a concept which improved the antibiotic, Tetracycline.
Chemical Engineering:
Helped pharmacists discover new chemical substances that would help the antibodies improve, so the bacteria would not become resistance to them.
Pharmaceutical Engineering:
They used prior knowledge to help develop new improved medication within Tetracycline to treat bacterial infections. Disciplines of Engineering: Major Changes! New tetracycline antibiotics have been developed and approved in recent years.
Most recently approved tetracycline derivative, Tygacil (tigecycline, Pfizer)
Introduced in 2005
Modified tetracycline analogs have invariably been prepared by semi-synthesis. Global impact on society and environment! Tetracycline is sold over the counter .
Tetracycline is injected into animals first before humans for safety regulations. (this harms the species)
Helped reduce infection, and cause side affects. Citations ! Tetracycline. (2000). Retrieved September 17, 2012, from Tetracycline website: http://www.drugs.com/tetracycline.html
Tetracycline. (2010). Retrieved September 1, 2011, from Pub Med Health website:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0000576/
Tetracycline. (2006). Retrieved 2011, from Innovateus website: http://www.innovateus.net/content/tetracycline
Tetracycline. (n.d.). Retrieved 2012, from faqs.org website: http://www.faqs.org/health/topics/76/Tetracyclinees.html In Conclusion...... Created by the best students in the world: Victoria Phelps & Sehlah Khalid A-2 I.E.D
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