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A Teen's Guide to ATOD

Presentation Made By: Olivia Malick & Esther Pak

olivia pak

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of A Teen's Guide to ATOD

Intro to ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs)
Definition of Drugs
Substances that change body/brain functioning
Changes the way user thinks/feels
Unhealthy and dangerous
A Teen's Guide to ATOD
A Teen's Guide to ATOD

Presentation Made By:
Olivia Malick
Esther Pak
Over the Counter Drugs (OTC/DXM)
Medicines obtained without a doctor's prescription
Contains DXM (dextromethorphan)
Ingredient for suppressing coughs
Different uses
Swallowed, snorted
Physical Effects
Damage to part of the brain responsible for learning, liver and brain damage, death, etc.
5.0% of 8th graders in FCPS use these drugs
95% of 8th graders in FCPS
use these drugs
VA Consequences
Class 3 misdemeanor
$500 fine
SR&R Consequences
Up to 10 day suspension
Recommendation for reassignment or expulsion
Risk Factors/Consequences
Risk factors
Poor social skills
Aggressive behavior
Poor parental supervision
Drug availability
Criminal record/license and travel issues
Health problems (mental and physical)
Social issues
Widely used illegal drug
Green plant
Different uses
Smoked, brewed in tea, baked into foods
Physical Effects
Mood swings: happy-rage
Paranoia or hallucinations
Lung damage
2.3% of 8th graders in FCPS
97.7% don't use in FCPS
VA Consequences
1 year in jail
Fine of $2,500
SR&R Consequences
Recommendation for expulsion
5-10 day suspension
Depressant drug (slows down body functioning)
Consuming large quantities in one sitting=binge drinking/alcohol poisoning
User's body may not be able to process such quantities
Physical Effects
confusion/short term memory loss
slurred speech
slow reaction time
6.5% of 8th graders in FCPS use alcohol
93.5% of 8th graders in FCPS
use alcohol
VA Consequences
Class 1 misdemeanor
1 year in jail
Up to $2,500 fine
SR&R Consequences
5-10 day suspension from school
30 day suspension from school activities and events
Recommendation for expulsion
Rehabilitation seminar
Highly addictive/stimulant
Withdrawal symptoms
Restlessness, anger, anxiety, insomnia
Physical Effects
Higher risk of diseases/cancers/stroke
1.9% of 8th graders in FCPS use tobacco
98.1% of 8th grader in FCPS
use tobacco
VA Consequences
$100 fine, 20 hours of service
SR&R Consequences
Recommendation for expulsion
Health Stuff
Protective Factors
Protective factors
Self control
Parental monitoring
Good academics
Awareness of consequences
Teens Need to Know...
What dealers will tell you
drugs help you fit in
anything else to motivate you to use drugs
Drugs are dangerous/harmful and ruin your life
Other alternatives to using drugs
Effects on Brain Function
Mental/Social Effects
Mental Effects
Suicidal Thoughts
Jumbled up thoughts
Social Effects
Relationships: Will be damaged
Families: Withdrawal from family members
Set bad examples for younger siblings
Steal money/lie to parents
Friends/Peers: Will lose good friends, loner. Peers will be scared of you
School: Will rebel. Most likely to drop out. More likely to commit crimes.
Drugs interfere with neuro-transmission and communication
Mimic natural neurotransmitters to create different feeling/effect
Drug abuse floods brain receptors with dopamine=increased pleasure
Brain gets used to the feeling of extreme reward and pleasure and makes it a life sustaining activity
Permanent damage to the brain
Interferes with self control and ability to make decisions
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