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Doctor Who

No description

Marva Delyon

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Doctor Who

Doctor Who
An Adventure in Time and Space
The Doctor(s):

Since 1963 Doctor Who is one of the most famous British series. The adventures of The Doctor, a 1000 years old Time Lord, and his companions, throughout time and space fascinate millions of people in the world, the most passionate calling themselves Whovians.
Daleks, Cybermen, Wheeping Angels... And The Master.
"Exterminate! Exterminate!"
"Delete! Delete!"
"Don't Blink!"
"Do you hear the sound of the drums?"

Last Time Lord
From the 1st to the 8th Doctor (1963-1996)
9th Doctor (2005)
10th Doctor (2005-2010)
11th Doctor (2010-2013)
Rose Tyler
Martha Jones
Donna Noble
Amy Pond
Clara Oswald
The most famous enemies of the Doctor since 1963.
They look like machines but inside, they are a mutated form of aliens named Kaleds.
They know no pity or feelings, except for the urge to kill, destroy and subdue every others species and planets. During the Time War they succeed to destroy Gallifrey and the Time Lords, destroying themselves in the process. But they manage to come back in order to destroy their most terrible enemy: The Doctor.
Present since 1966, they are, like the Daleks
a species of aliens that modified themselves, suppressing their emotions in the process.
Now that their planet is destroyed, they are looking for another planet.
They intent to "update" every humans and turn them into Cybermen without feelings or memories like them.
The Doctor once succeed to defeat them, but they returned from a parallel universe, to continue their project of domination.
The weeping angels appeared
for the first time in 2007. Described
as the most scaring aliens in Doctor Who,
they feed by sending humans in the past.
It creates a time energy that they can eat.
They look like statues and usually hide their face because if two Weeping Angels look at each other, they will be frozen for ever. They can't move when a living being look at them... Looking a Weeping Angel in the eyes for too long allow it to control one's mind, but if nobody look at them they can be very fast... That's why, the number one rule to stay alive while facing a Weeping Angel is... Don't Blink!

Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space
This police box is in fact a space and
me travel machine, owned by the
octor. It's revealed that he stole it
hen he run away from Gallifrey.
his model is an old one and can't
hange h
rnal appearance.
he TARDIS has a consciousne

nd often acts on his own.
ne of the running gag of the s
erie i
s that every companion of the
ctor, when they enter for
in the TARDIS noticed
on the inside!"
The ninth Doctor was played by Christopher Eccleston. He was the first doctor since the revival of the serie in 2005. His companions were Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness.
This Doctor marked a change with the
others as he had a eccentric yet violent
His catch phrase was "Fantastic!" and he
spoke with a very distinct Northern accent.
Even if he was popular and succeed to give a new start to Doctor Who, he stayed for only one year.
The tenth Doctor was portrayed by David Tennant.
He is the most popular Doctor and the one who lasted the longest. He mainly traveled with
3 companions: Rose Tyler, Martha
Jones and Donna Noble. This
incarnation is joyful and talkative but
he is sometimes nostalgic and
vulnerable, because of his status of last of Time Lord. He often uses childish expressions but this attitude is in reality a way to hide his regrets for all the person who died because of him. Tennant's interpretation was the trigger of the definite and international success of the new Doctor Who.

His catchphrase is "Allons-y" and we can note that his dream was to meet someone named Alonso. It happened in one of the Christmas special
Rose Tyler was the main companion of the Ninth Doctor. She then traveled with the Tenth Doctor, until she gets trapped in a parallel universe. She fell in love with the Tenth and it seems that it was mutual although it was never clearly said. But she already had a strong relationship with the Ninth, who sacrifice his life to save her when she became the Bad Wolf.
When she first met the Doctor she was 19 and worked as a part timer in a mall. He saved her from the attack of living plastic mannequin and she decided to travel with him to escape her daily life, leaving her mother and her boyfriend.
She is brave and stubborn and very faithful. She also have very human reactions toward aliens.
She was portrayed by Billie Piper in season one and two. She returned briefly during the forth season and the 50th anniversary special.
After Rose, Martha took the role of companion of the Tenth Doctor. She also fell in love with him, but was -sometimes harshly- reject by the Doctor, saying that she "will never replace Rose". She was the fisrt and only companion to leave on her free will during the season " final. She later was recruited by the UNIT and ultimately married Mickey Smith, Rose's ex-boyfriend and continued fight aliens with him.
Martha is the complete opposite of Rose: She's Black, educated (she was a medical student) and came from a middle-class family. She was also more down-to-earth and independent than Rose.
The character of Martha, portrayed by Freema Agyeman, had a particular relief: she is considered as the first Black companion of the Doctor and it allowed the serie to display some racial issues.
3rd and last main companion of the Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble had a completely different relationship with him as there was absolutely no trace of romantic feelings between them. She was older than the other companions and in fact, she was about to get married when she first met the Doctor. But it turned out that her future husband was in fact an alien... She met the Doctor before Martha but was frightened by her encounter with the aliens so she decided to don't travel with him... Until she regrets it and start looking for him.
Donna is very strong willed and stubborn, honest and irascible. She also is sensible, compassionate and has a strong sense of humor. She was forced to leave the Doctor at the end of season 4 as she absorbed a part of the energy of the Doctor, becoming the DoctorDonna. But it was too much for a human and the Doctor had to erase her memory in order to save her life.
Donna was portrayed by Catherine Tate.
Clara Oswald, the impossible girl, is the actual companion of the Eleventh Doctor. Her story is a bit complicated as she had met the Doctor, and died two times, before becoming his companion. Nicknamed "The Impossible Girl" by the Doctor, Clara is joyful, smart, curious, caring and brave. So brave that she didn't hesitate to jump into the Doctor's time stream to save his life. It fragmented her existence, allowing her to be present at every moment of the life of the Doctor's previous incarnations to save is life and undo what one of his enemy had done, but erasing her memory at the same time, as she is not conscious of the existence of her other selves. She met the eleventh Doctor as Oswin Oswald and then as Clara Oswin Oswald. He finally found Clara Oswald and started to travel with her in order to "understand her existence". Clara is portrayed by Jenna Louise Coleman.
The Master is the archenemy and the nemesis of the Doctor. He is a Time Lord like him and they know each other since their childhood. Because of the sound of drums that he permanently hear in his head, The Master became mad and started to think that the Time Lords were superiors and thus could do everything that they want to every other species. In fact, it's revealed that it is the sound of his own heartbeat (Time Lords have two hearts, its beating on a 4 beat rhythm). He have a strange relationship with the Doctor: He hates him, and reject his help and friendship, trying to hurt him in any manner, but in fact, he wouldn't have really liked to kill him as he is in the first serie the only renegade Time Lord and in the second serie, they are the two last Time Lord in the universe (or so they thought...). The Master was portrayed by several actors like the Doctor, but his principal interpret was Jonh Simm. He played a Master who became Prime Minister and try to erase the human race and then when he returned, he turn every single human into himself, using an alien technology. The Master is the most complex and charismatic enemy of the Doctor.
Matt Smith currently portray the Eleventh Doctor. He will left the show on the 2013 Christmas special. He is the youngest actor who played the Doctor, at the age of 27.
The Eleventh Doctor is like the other talkative, childish, eccentric, he enjoys everything that is different or unusual and can't stay focus on something for too long... And he has a strong love of fezzes and thinks that "bowties are cool". Like the other he also have a darker side, due to the Time War and the destruction of the planet Gallifrey. He is very attached to his companions and always tries his best to protect them. He also is conscious of the fear that a lot of species have toward him and some times use it as it advantage. His catchphrase is "Geronimo!"
Amy Pond was the
main and first companion of the eleventh Doctor, during the season 5, 6 and the first half of the season 7.
She is a ginger,
Scottish young woman. She met the Doctor for the first time when she was 7 just after his regeneration, when his TARDIS
crashed in her yard. He promised to take her with him and come back in 5 minutes then left for some repairs... But returned only 12 years later. Little Amelia Pond had grown up and "The Girl who Waited" had become Amy, a strong willed and stubborn young women with a very strong personality. She forgave the Doctor (after having knocked him down) and left with him... the night before her wedding. She took this opportunity to think about her feeling toward Rory and finally decided to marry him. They had a child, Melody and finally, they disappeared together, caught by a giant Weeping Angel. Nevertheless the had a joyful life together and Amy became an author, spreading the adventure she lived with the Doctor. She was portrayed by Karen Gillian.
Rory Williams
Rory is Amy's fiance and then husband. He worked as a nurse. He felt very insecure because even if he loves Amy, he thought that she loved the Doctor. But he proved that he also have an heroic side and they marry. He is nicknamed "The man who dies" as he died several times throughout the show but also the "Last Centurion". After the incident with the Pandorica, he waits for Amy during two millenniums, and became a Roman soldier to protect her until she came back.
Rory has an unconditional love for Amy, and finally develops a strong friendship with the Doctor. He nonetheless always correct him when he calls the "the Ponds" instead of "the Williams" after their wedding. Even though he seems weak and subdued to Amy, he is in fact very determined and passionate.
He is portrayed by Arthur Darvill.
River Song/ Melody Pond
River Song is an archeologist who, just like the Doctor, travels through time... She's human... but not totally. She is in fact part-Time Lord.
Her real identity is Melody pond, the daughter of Rory and Amy, who was stolen just after her birth in order to serve as a weapon to kill the Doctor. She actually killed him, causing a distortion in Time. It allowed the Doctor to find a way to save his life, and River who became conscious of her identity and didn't really wanted to kill him. She even marry him and is the only person who knows the real name of the Doctor. Like her mother, she his stubborn and strong willed. She liked to show off in front of the Doctor because their lives are not synchronized: Her past is his future. However, she died when they met for the first time, in the Doctor's point of view. She teases him about it saying that some things are "spoilers" that should not be revealed.
As she is part Time Lord, she had the power to regenerate herself and she used it 2 times. One of her incarnation was a friend of Rory and Amy during their childhood, named Mels. She is mainly portrayed by Alex Kingston
From 1963 to 1996, the Doctor was played by 8 different actors. The principle of regenerations allowed to change the actor playing the Doctor and every one of them had his own style. Generally, the Doctors of the first show were less childish but they still were pretty eccentric. They traveled with many different companions. This Doctor ran away from Gallifrey and was banished, but Gallifrey still existed at his time.
During the 50th anniversary special, the War Doctor, or 8.5 Doctor was introduced to make a link between the first and the second show.
All the regenerations (except 8 to 8.5)
The 8 doctors:
1: William Hartnell (1963-1966)
2: Patrick Troughton (1966-1969)
3: Jon Pertwee (1970-1974)
4:Tom Baker (1974-1981)
5: Peter Davison (1981-1984)
6: Colin Baker (1984-1986)
7: Sylvester McCoy (1987-1989)
8: Paul McGann (1996)
The War (8.5) Doctor:
John Hurt (2013)
Captain Jack Harkness
Captain Jack Harness has a particular place among the companions of the Doctor. He is a time traveler and former Time Agent from the 51st century. He became immortal when he was resurrected by Rose when she had the power of the Bad Wolf. He waited for the Doctor during centuries and finally joined Torchwood which could provided him what he needed to fight aliens. He begins as a flirtatious and cunning character but matured and become a hero, who doesn't hesitate to sacrifices himself, even before he becomes immortal. He was very friendly with Rose and Martha and have a very special relationship with the Doctor.
Jack Harkness is also the first clearly bisexual (and even omnisexual as he doesn't reject aliens either) character
in the show, which gave him a large fanbase and very
positives critics. He was so popular that he gets his own
spin-off serie: Torchwood. He is portrayed
by John Barrowman.
All photos of characters are from the official site of Doctor Who: bbc.co.uk/doctorwho
The photo with the different forms of the Master is from his wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_(Doctor_Who)
The background image is taken from: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/doctor-who/images/21357412/title/doctor-who-wallpaper
Music: Doctor Who Opening Theme played by the National Orchestra of Wales and London during the Doctor Who Prom 2013 on 13th July.
Video: The video Doctor Who: Regeneration (All the Doctor's regenerations 1963-2010) was posted on Youtube by BrianRimmer on October 1st 2010.
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