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NC Road Map

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Kalyn Jessup

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of NC Road Map

NC Road Trip
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
2. You are a great lover of the Hatteras Lighthouse. You are in Wilmington and decide to make the trip to see the lighthouse. How far will you travel?
3. The mountains are more your taste so explore the high country. How far will you travel from Chimney Rock Park near Lake Lure to the highest peak east of the Mississippi, Mount Mitchell?
1. How far is it from Raleigh, our state's capital, to your hometown?
4. You are a big basketball fan. How far will it be from your hometown to Chapel Hill to see the Tarheels?
5. How far from your hometown to Durham to catch the Blue Devils?
6. You are a movie fan. How far from Asheville, where The Hunger Games were filmed, to
Mount Airy, the town that inspired The Andy Griffith Show?
7. Lexington is famous for its barbeque while Morehead City is famous for its seafood.
How far would you travel to have barbeque for lunch and seafood for dinner?
8. Pepsi Cola was invented in New Bern. Salisbury is the home of Cheerwine. If you start in New Bern and see the Pepsi Museum and travel on to Salisbury to the Cheerwine Museum, how far will you travel?
9. You like science? How far from Discovery Place in Charlotte to the Wright Brother’s museum in Kitty Hawk?
Choose one of the following:
NC State Reptile

Eastern Box Turtle
Avg Speed: 1/4 mph
NC State Bird

Avg Speed: 36 mph

Plott Hound
Avg Speed: 25 mph
NC State Mammal
NC State Dog
Gray Squirrel
Avg Speed: 30 mph
Your Task:
Choose 5 cities for a road trip for your animal. Use what you know about proportions to calculate how long it would take your animal to reach each destination.
There are 8 military bases in NC. How far is it from Fort Bragg, located in Fayettville, to Camp Lejeune?
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