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Sociology Week 1

No description

Rory Parkinson

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Sociology Week 1

Bringing it all together!

What did the video clip show us about the behaviour of human beings?

Did the clip make you think about how much we are socialised to be the way we are?

Without socialisation, is it possible to be defined as human?

Make a list of the social groups you belong to (Groups where you share same interests or attributes)
What makes a society?
Social Structures
What is Sociology?
A Definition:
Sociology is concerned with the study of human beings and how they form themselves into groups to make a society.
Define Sociology

Describe what the terms primary and secondary socialisation.

Describe the difference between primary and secondary socialisation

Identify and disscuss social structures in society.

Analyses Nature Vs Nurture
Is the process by which we learn acceptable cultural beliefs and behaviour.

Now compare them with a partner.

What similarities and differences do you have?
Individually write down:

What attitudes and values do you have from Primary socialisation?

What attitudes and values do you have from Secondary socialisation?
The Family
The Economy
Political system
Health care
How have these structures changed overtime?
Within these social institutions there are smaller groups which influence our behaviour, both primary groups and secondary groups!
Again Compare the meerkat with each other
And keep a close eye out for that cheeky Meerkat
Feral children!
Watch this clip
Nature Vs Nurture
1 group is to champion Nature
The other group is to champion Nurture
You have 5 min to prep your arguments
So what have you learnt today?
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