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Elvis Presley

No description

Truc Tran

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Elvis Presley

Icon of the fifties - still influential today?
Sun Records
In 1953, he wanted to record a song for his mother as a birthday present. He went to a music studio called "sun records"
... was "heartbreak hotel" in 1955
Military service
in 1957
Death of his mother
in 1958
His first hit single
Birth of Elvis Presley
On the 8th of June in 1935 in Tupelo
in a two- room- house
Moving to
Priscilla Beauliieu
His comeback
After he returned to the USA , Elvis kept on working on his music and acting career and did some shows and many movies.
1962 "Summer in Florida"
First big show in Las Vegas
in 1969
The peak of his career
in the seventies
his most successful show was "Aloha from Hawaii"
Drug addiction, divorce & crazy lifestyle
Death of Elvis Presley
in 1977
heart attack caused by an overdose of drugs
Early influences in music
blues + rhythm =
Elvis and black music
Early influences in society
chances for white and black musicians
He broke cultural boundaries
Young people became rebellious
Elvis was blamed for it, but he was rather the impulsion
His sex sells attitude
His style
Lisa Marie was born
in 1968
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