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The Law of Conservation of Energy

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Hoa Le

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of The Law of Conservation of Energy

The Law of Conservation of Energy
By Hoa Le
8th Grade Flip

The Law of Conservation of Energy
This law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed and can only be transformed into another kind of energy. Energy is the ability to do work. There are 2 forms of energy. They are kinetic and potential energy. Under these forms are 7 types. These types are chemical, thermal, electromagnetic, nuclear, electricity, mechanical and sound.
Example 2
The cue ball and the 15 ball are sitting in a motionless position. They have potential energy. When the cue hits the cue ball kinetic energy is transferred from the cue to the ball sending it rolling with kinetic energy. The cue ball then hits the 15 ball and sends it moving but as fast because only a fraction of it was transferred. The balls then decrease in speed as the kinetic energy is lost through friction which creates thermal energy
Example 3
Example 1
If you look to the very components of a bus you will see that the chemical energy in which all other forms come from is the fuel and the battery. At first the battery's chemical energy is turned into electrical energy to work the starter. The starter transforms this energy into mechanical energy and in turn spins the engine. Then the electrical system produces thermal energy through the spark plugs. This burns the fuel into thermal energy and then the thermal energy produces pressure in the combustion chamber. This produces mechanical energy and then this works the piston and then eventually turns the wheel.
The law of conservation of energy was established by Hermann Von Helmholtz along with other scientist in the early 1800s.
7 Forms
Kinetic- is the energy of motion
Potential- is stored energy
Chemical- energy that is stored and can be released by chemical reactions
Electromagnetic- is the energy that travels in waves
Thermal- energy related to temperature
Nuclear- energy that can be released when you split the nucleus of an atom
Mechanical- energy that is the sum of potential and kinetic energy
Sound- energy that deals with vibrations
Electrical- is energy of electrons
Why I need it?
I need this scientific phenomenon because without I would not be able to play sports or even get the energy needed to do work. I could not even surf the web if I did not have this. Every which way I turn there is always a transformation going on and I .
What form of energy deals with temperature?
Who established the Law of Conservation of Energy?
What is one example of this law?
In conclusion we need this scientific occurrence to carry out our life functions. Without this occurrence all life on Earth would die out. We use this everyday and it can be found everywhere. It is the essence of life and is a boundless source of power for the universe.

According to the law energy cannot be created or destroyed but the energy can turn into energy that is hard to attain at a seconds notice. Take for instance coal, it takes over billions of year to form and will take billions more to create. Our society basically runs on coal yet there is not an infinite amount. We need to conserve this easy to attain energy because once it runs out it will take forever to restore. This means we have to turn to solar and wind energy. It is easy to attain and is unlimited but despite this the energy can vary between location and time and that is why you dont see many of those in our society. That is why we need to conserve energy.
If energy cannot be destroyed then why do we need to conserve it?
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