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new ministry

new ministry opportunities in the Selkirk Region

Scott McLeod

on 10 July 2010

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Transcript of new ministry

Ministry Opportunities
For nothing will be impossible with God
Luke 1:37
Final Thoughts
What the parish building once offered, many
now find in a social network
Archbishop Rowan Williams asserts that we need a
“mixed economy church”
... one that is a mixture of traditional
as well as non-traditional initiatives.
It is important to move beyond current perceived limitations and to embrace new thinking
about what church is and about what ministry is.
As Church, the time is at hand to be reaching out
to people who are unchurched:
people who are yearning for God
without even knowing it,
and people who have walked away from the church,
the lapsed.
It is time to offer a mixed economy church, providing
for new alternatives in ministry and inviting people in
contemporary and pertinent ways to find belonging, to
experience believing, and to behave as with faith.
It is possible
to develop creative projects
for the church to connect widely
in the community
We believe our diocese has now a rare
opportunity for creative action.
The way we see it, the 3 Saints are part of that opportunity.
You have the opportunity - an opportunity to go beyond what we have always done
and engage an expression of our faith
that will challenge us – and for good reason.
There are real challenges facing us no matter
which direction we turn.
This opportunity starts now, not in 6 months, or next year, but right now.
The precedent has been set elsewhere:
throughout the United Kingdom
Church of the Apostles, Freemont, Seattle, Diocese of Olympia

CHURCH OF THE APOSTLES (a.k.a. "cota" or just apostles) is a a new church, not only in "years in existence," but in mindset - a young, emerging, Episcopal and Lutheran mission congregation. We seek to be a real and authentic community, at home in today's culture and in our fremont neighborhood as 'artisans of a new humanity.' We are a future church with an ancient faith... In the story of Jesus, we have glimpsed God's future and know that "thiscouldchangeeverything." So our purpose is to helpgodchangeeverything, by participating in God's future, within today's culture and our local zipcode, living and serving in intentional, sacramental community in the way of Jesus Christ.

The future is not something we manufacture, and community is not something we can coerce you into, but both are works of the Spirit to which God calls.

So as God calls you, we welcome you to join us in helpinggodchangeeverything, exploring God's future and serving God's mission among friends.
Emerge, Diocese of Montreal
The Jeremiah Community, Diocese of Toronto
a community of followers of jesus who come together but who also disperse... remaining connected.

can church be everything... our meetings, yes, but also our work, our play, our art, our conversation, our parties, and our silences?

we meet sunday evenings from 5 to 7 at the undercroft: basically the basement of christ church anglican cathedral. enter the southwest entrance to promenades cathedrale mall at the corner of university and ste. catherine. (see map below) go down the stairs not the escalator. halfway down you will see our door on the right. we eat, sing, talk, and read, so bring your self, your appetite, and your conversation!
We are a faith community…
… a diverse circle of people who share a common vision for a city that welcomes the stranger, seeks justice for every person, and builds peace and harmony between neighbours.

Our work and play, growth and vitality move in 5 ways:
Passionate spirituality
Intentional community
Spiritual growth
Radical giving
Neighbourhood connections
encourages new forms of church
for a fast changing world,
working with Christians
from a variety of denominations and traditions.
The initiative has resulted in hundreds
of new congregations being formed
alongside more traditional churches.
"Mission is the driver for the most
motivated expressions of local
ecumenism. We unite locally for the
sake of others. And for their sakes, we
address a shared weakness: the
ineffectiveness of many of our historic
approaches to mission to engage with
many parts of our current society."
-Bishop Graham Cray
"The more unusual examples - located in skate parks and farmers' markets, or focused on mountain bikers or surfers
(a notable Methodist example!) get the media attention;
but the great majority are new fledgling congregations meeting at a convenient time
and in a welcoming place,
and are well within the capability of the average parish."
(Bp. G. Cray)


we start....
by going “where the people are”
to reconnect with their needs
and identify our niche in their community.
To participate in the building up of God's kingdom.
To live out the Gospel in our lives.
To support and enable a space of blessing, belonging, believing, and behaving where transformation happens.
" ... there is no quick fix.
Church Army experience says plan for
a ten year project and review after five...
...We need to deploy far more lay and
ordained pioneer ministers than we can
afford to employ! Much pioneer church
planting will have to be, either self
supporting, or resourced in new ways."
Bp. G. Cray
"Catholicity requires both diversity and
interdependence. The mixed economy
summarizes a dynamic partnership;
where inherited church has encouraged,
and often funded, fresh expressions
initiatives, and where the planting of a
fresh expression of church has in turn
brought renewal and encouragement to
a more traditional congregation."
Bp. G. Cray
The Challenges
We believe the question is not 'can we afford to do this?'
nor even 'can we afford not to?' but
'what is it that we are called by Christ to do?'
That question leads us to ask further
'what is holding us back from doing it,
and in any and every possible way we can?'

The Mission:
Welcome to moot:net the online presence
for the moot community based in the London, UK.

moot is a developing community of spiritual travellers who are seeking to find a means of living a life that is honest to god and honest to now.

moot seeks to make connections and find inspirations in the meeting of faith, life and culture.
moot looks to the christian call for justice, equity and balance as a means of living politically and ethically. we recognise the inspiration of saints, mystics, philosophers and artists throughout the centuries.
moot seeks to live a christian spiritual rhythm of life through practicising presence, acceptance, creativity, balance, accountability and hospitality.
whereas the Episcopal Church and Lutheran Church (ELCA) 'own' the building, it is 'curated' by the Fremont Abbey Arts Centre - an independent, non-religious, nonprofit organization focused on arts education experiences for all ages - art lessons, dance lessons, music lessons, concerts, theatre shows, and much much more. Church of the Apostles and the Fremont Abbey Arts Centre are partners in using the building, and there are constantly creative crossovers. Church of the Apostles is being the church in and amongst the community, actually 'in' the community centre. They are successfully going where the people are, and have in their community made the church building, the community centre once again.
"Every bishop, priest and deacon has publicly committed themselves to 'the faith uniquely revealed in the Holy Scriptures' and to proclaiming it 'afresh' in this generation. Today, this involves establishing fresh communities of faith as well as sharing the good news in culturally appropriate ways through our existing ones".
Bp. G. Cray

....and we would argue, it goes far beyond the role of clergy, to that of all Christians. Leadership and innovation are not restricted to clergy - and in fact clergy are to be educating, equiping, enabling and empowering the laity to be going out and doing this important work.
Somewhere Else - aka the Bread Church
Liverpool, UK
Cafe Church
Exeter Network Church
Zac's Place - a church for ragamuffins
Swansea, UK
Exeter Cathedral,
Exeter, UK
Exeter, UK
Messy Church
Bath and Wells, UK
Sanctus 1, Manchester, UK
Costa Coffee - UK wide
Emmanuel Cafe Church
Leeds, UK
Sheffield, Devon, London,
Oxford, Stroud, Hertfordshire,
Building on the work of the Archbishops of Canterbury & York together with the Methodist Church in England’s initiative Fresh Expressions, Fresh Expressions Canada (FXCA) seeks to encourage the development of fresh expressions of church alongside more traditional expressions, with the aim of seeing a more mission-shaped church take shape throughout the country.

FXCA is an initiative of the Wycliffe College Institute of Evangelism with the Anglican Bishop of Montreal.

The work of Fresh Expressions Canada has been endorsed by the Primate, Archbishop Fred Hiltz.
Focus Service: Sheffield Church
Sheffield, UK
Safe Space
Telford, UK
* saint benedict’s table is first and foremost a eucharistic worshipping community. Not only do we share each Sunday night in the bread and wine of communion, we are eucharistic in the sense that we are defined by our common life in the Body of Christ.
* saint benedict’s table strives to be a baptismal community, meaning that not only do we practice baptism but also that we understand ourselves to be called to live out the life of a transformed and alternative people.
* saint benedict’s table understands itself to be a biblical community, in which scripture is prayed and digested.
* saint benedict’s table is a community of rational inquiry; a zone in which truth is sought and heard, and in which dissent and dialogue are embraced as part of the process of discernment.
* saint benedict’s table is going to need to find ways to rise to the challenge to be an inclusive community, always asking ourselves, “who is left out?”
Winnipeg, MB - Diocese of Rupert's Land
side note re. starbucks
and the "third place" idea
After bigger wedding on Mexican beach, couple marry again with barista as witness

By Sandra Mcculloch, Times Colonist - February 25, 2010
Angela and Mike Erickson drink a coffee from Starbucks in Cook St. Village where they were married legally on Monday after having a celebration wedding in Mexico. Marriage commissioner Terry Robinson presided.
Photograph by: Debra Brash, Times Colonist
I do and an Americano, please:
Victoria couple makes their marriage legal at Starbucks
The angel said... ‘Do not be afraid...'
Luke 1:30
I hereby command you: Be strong and courageous;
do not be frightened or dismayed,
for the Lord your God is with you
wherever you go.’
Joshua 1:9
But he said to them, ‘It is I; do not be afraid.’
John 6:20
Drawn together by our common desire to love and follow Christ, we do not require conformity to any specific doctrine or teaching. Our core community is made up of students and young professionals, is supported by ordained ministers, and welcomes all who desire to exercise and receive Christian hospitality.
Our community’s rhythm is punctuated by both core and satellite events. Core Events are organised collaboratively by members of our four partner denominations. Satellite Events are organised by local churches, groups, or individuals who are associated with the Open Table community.

In September, we hold a weekend retreat for anyone interested in our community. We also gather monthly for a common meal followed by an optional discussion or activity.

These gatherings, alongside our website, are portals to many activities taking place in local churches, the local community and beyond. If you’re looking to meet new people, to explore Christian spirituality or access pastoral support, feel free to pull up a chair and join us.

The Open Table is supported by the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Presbyterian Church in Canada and the Ottawa Presbytery of the United Church.
Ottawa, ON
to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom,

to teach, baptize and nurture new believers,

to respond to human need by loving service,

to seek to transform unjust structures of society,

to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation
and sustain and renew the life of the earth.
Vision 2019
The 5 Marks of Mission

strong identity
active engagement
clear vision
connections /relationships
welcoming and multi-generational
warm fellowship
strong ecclesiology
good stewardship
strong collegiality
effective leadership
real /authentic / relevant /current
Next Steps . . .

Begin in prayer. Ask God for guidance along paths that enable us to serve God in tangible ways. What would God like to do through the 3 Saints, and to make us keenly aware of what Kingdom work is already happening that we can join.

Put a plan together - develop the Who, What, Where, How, and Why of your idea. Think through the practical details to help the dream become a ministry intiative in the lives of real people, and not just 'good ideas.'

Start talking about your ideas over coffee, lunch, in small groups, whenever you encounter each other through the week. Brainstorm with friends. What have you always wanted to do, or wanted the church to do? What have you thought would be a great way to care for others?
We Strive For:
How We Start
Create and build relationships,
Connect with people,
Address Practical Concerns.

# Getting together → a shared call
# Exploring the possibilities → a shared vision
# Thinking ahead → shared values
# Organising support → a shared venture
# Nurturing the team → shared leadership
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