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Annual Report

No description

B.I. Museum and Archives

on 10 August 2014

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Transcript of Annual Report

Looking Forward...
The Cubs graciously helped host the evening exhibit
Archives Association of Alberta's - Archives Institute 2014
Over the past year, we've had many successes and many challenges....

After wrapping up the previous year with the
Annual General Meeting
in June, it was time to get ready for the busy summer ahead.

Nothing brings in the new year like salmon grilling on the barbeque at the yearly
Round Bowen Challenge
held on June 14.
Dan Parkin, Rob Forbes, Beverly Underhill, Cathy Bayly
, and the two summer students
fed the hungry visitors whilst raising funds for the site.
On July 6, 2013, the Bowen Island Museum and Archives paid tribute to
Eric Lawson
. As a conservator, Lawson dedicated himself to the preservation of Bowen Island's history and heritage. His passionate efforts saved the cabin from demolition, and led to the research and creation of the Loggers Cottage Museum.
Curator & Archivist Annual Report 2014
Welcome to the Curator & Archivist's
2014 Annual Report
This is 1 of 20 vaults full of archival records at the Provincial Archives of Alberta!
Deidre recently attended a 6 day course held at the Provincial Archives of Alberta introducing the fundamentals of archival science. A two week take home project was completed and Deidre will receive an Archives Institute certificate from the Archives Society of Alberta.
Over the past year, thanks to the support of the Board, we have had the privilege of attending multiple conferences and workshops around the country including:

-The Art of Branding
(September 27): hosted on Bowen Island. About how to create a successful brand and translate that into earnings.

-BC Museums Association Conference
(October 23-26): Attended workshops and lectures with the theme "Agents of Change". Made invaluable connections with other curators and archivists.

- Alberta Archives Institute 6-Day Course:
introduction to the fundamentals of archival science. Opportunity to see a large-scale archives facilities.

BICS Christmas Craft Fair
in November was a success for the Museum & Archives, selling Irene Howard's history book and
Ron Woodall
prints. The event brought more attention to the site.
Over 400 visitors came to see Bowen bears on display for the Christmas holidays.
Dorothy Lawson
, archivist emeritus, dropped by to visit the friendly bears as well. Many excited children brought their parents to the museum to see
Holiday Teddy Bear Display

The whole community was involved in the creation of this exhibit, whether it be donating bears, spending time, creating themed art, promoting and advertising, or even stringing festive lights around the building.
Shirley and David Wrinch
went out of their way, assisting with everything from advertising to decorating.
Nadyne Hindle
handled the hundreds of loans for the bears.
Bev Underhill
Barbara Weismiller
also donated their time and expertise to pull the exhibit together. It would not have been possible without the community members whom loaned the bears:
Jean Cleator, Alison Morse, Lois Meyers-Carter, Barbara Weismiller, Linda Hargrave, Anna Maria Atherton, Marolyn Anderson, Peter King,
Adelaide Buekert.

Shirley Wrinch has already began planning this years 60's and 70's themed bears, to seamlessly incorporate two exhibits together.
This year marked the launch of the new
Community Partnership Program
Island Pacific School (IPS)
. The volunteers helped us by digitizing parts of our oral history collection. In a lab at Simon Fraser University, the students learned how to digitize video and audio archival records first-hand. Whilst there, the students met

Andrea Geiger
, a Japanese immigration historian. At the moment, she is currently working on a large-scale project on oral histories of Asian immigrants in Vancouver. During her discussion, Geiger incorporated her own work to teach the students about the limits of oral history, the procedure, and it's value to the community. Thank you to Board member
Jack Little
for making this opportunity possible.
Over the summer, visitors experienced a glimpse at 100 years of art of the island.
"Art on Bowen - A Commemorative History"
featured the work of several island artists. Officially opening on July 6, the exhibit ran for two months during the summer.
Unfortunately, the Museum & Archives were set back by an surprising flood on August 31. As a result, the summer exhibit had to be taken down early to protect the artifacts from mould.
Lachlan and Andrew Huinink
stepped-in to move the artifacts out of the damaged room, and
Dorothy Lawson
graciously loaned a dehumidifier. Thanks to many helpful hands we were able to clean-up the museum in preparation for the Remembrance Day exhibit.
The end of one outstanding year dawns another! The Museum & Archives has big plans for the future.

Oral History Committee
has been formed to continue capturing Bowen Island's memories for the collection. The team consisting of the archivist, curator,
Ann Ransay, Linda Barratt, Carole Gold-Smith
, and
Jack Little
have participated in an interviewing workshop this year and are eager to put their skills to work.

The final touches have been put on the
Union Steamship Company permanent exhibit
. Fit with a slide show and a stereoscope, the exhibit highlights the resort excursionist years that put Bowen on the map.

People Plants and Places
tickets has sparked the interest of those on and off the island, all eager to get a peak of the island's beautiful homes and gardens. Tickets have been selling quickly from the Museum & Archives office.

Remember the days of lava lamps, macrame, and "Saturday Night Fever" spinning around the record player? This
summer's temporary exhibit on the sixties and seventies
is revving-up for it's grand opening on July 12 during Steamship Day. On that day, the "Living History Fashion Show" will have volunteers parading in their best era style, attaching their own personal memories along with them. Uniting the Heritage Precinct and island in a colourful web of tie-dye, this event will kick start the two-year long exhibit.
On December 3, the Museum & Archives and
Marion Moore
visited the
Island Discovery Learning Community (IDLC)
kindergarten and grade 1 students to teach them how to be interviewers. Marion practiced with the students, answering their Bowen Island related questions. A week later, on December10, the students had the chance to visit the Museum & Archives to see our collections. This provided a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with a local school and provide a young generation with first-hand experience.

Programs such as this have been possible thanks to the dedicated volunteer
Leslie Churchland
and the Archivist emeritus
Dorothy Lawson
. Both ladies are always patiently willing to lend a hand in answering questions, volunteering time, and supporting the archives and Deidre Farah.
Eric Lawson's Dedication of the Higgins Cabin
Annual General Meeting
Round Bowen Challenge
provided a wonderful opportunity for Bowen Island Museum & Archives to engage with the community. A clever trivia contest was created by
Dylan Yeates
Adam Taylor
for the day. Groups engaged in goodhearted rivalry for the prize, a copy of
. People were delighted by and drawn into our tent by
Ron Woodall's
historic prints.
On November 11th, the Museum & Archives remembered with the rest of Bowen Island. 114 visitors came in the evening to see the exhibit hosted by the Museum & Archives, the cubs, and
Nairn Knipe
Remembrance Day
. The featured WWI 1917 wedding dress provided an intimate look at the toil of war overseas and at home. Special thanks to all of those who volunteered their time, including
Nairn Knipe, David Winch, Mary Ann Smith,
Shirley Wrinch.
Christmas Craft Fair
Remembrance Day
Holiday Teddy Bear Display
Island Discovery Learning Community
Young interviewers at work!
Island Pacific School Digitization Project
With the goal of expanding our educational programming in mind, the Museum & Archives hosted it's fourth annual
Youth Curator Program
. Grade 5 students from the Bowen Island Community School created a month-long display at the school.
Sarah Haxby
, Community School Coordinator helped the Museum & Archives mentor the students in using our resources to carry out resources. Their exhibits on this year's Heritage theme - "Heritage Afloat" are presently proudly on display.
Patricia Koretchuk Teaches Others How to Be Sleuths
Patricia Koretchuk
came into the Museum & Archives on November 3rd to teach the workshop
"Oral History - Tools to Write Like a True Sleuth"
. Attendees learned how to structure oral history narratives gathered from interviews, research, transcripts, and memories. Koretchuk's experience re-creating memories through her abilities to pull emotions and the elements of story were delightfully shared at this workshop.
To the 60's and 70's
And the rest of 2014/2015

Youth Curator Program
Thank you to the Board for another memorable year
A special thank you to all of our volunteers, young and old, who have tirelessly donated their time and expertise to keep the Museum & Archives running.
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