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Student Recruitment Function

No description

andrew calder

on 17 August 2014

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Transcript of Student Recruitment Function

Student Recruitment Function
Fall in school rolls
(source: Darlington Borough Council)
Reductions in funding/budget
Changes to qualifications & study programmes
(e.g. Technical Baccalaureate performance measures)
Challenges ahead
Opportunities ahead!
About Me
My Record
Influences on recruitment
Links with schools
The Wider Community
Internal Collaboration
How much influence do parents have?
Knowledge of post 16 education
Is it worth trying to engage parents, and if so what are the opportunities?
Understand & embrace changes
Deliver key messages / IAG to schools
What do we do we do particularly well?
Opportune time to increase participation
Internal progression
12 years in Further Education
Student recruitment since 2010
Sole responsibility for 4-6 schools
Qualified guidance practitioner
Passionate, energetic & ready for next career step
Academy 360: 60-66%
Farringdon: 60-70%
Southmoor: 62-74%
*Thornhill: 56-69%
Influences on recruitment
Often very influential
Sometimes 'questionable' advice
Is progression a priority for them?
Perceptions of Darlington College?
All schools are different
Schools have to provide independent & impartial advice (post Connexions service)
Update CPD for teachers & advisers
Improving & maintaining curriculum links
Calendar of events
Student ambassadors / positive profiles / mentors
Employers, Universities, LA
for producing outstanding, well rounded students
Internal collaboration
Events management
Publications (incl school newspapers)
Ensure key messages reach target audience through range of media
Technology / social media
Student ambassadors
Positive profiles

Internal Collaboration
Recruitment Manager
Recruitment & IAG teams
Face of the College
Professional image
Knowledge of College functions, provision & progression
Impartiality & integrity
Right student, right course
...Getting potential students through the door
Open events
Image, impressions, expectations
Efficient, user-friendly processes
Putting the customer first
Develop existing and forge new links

Ensure that Recruitment team have the knowledge and tools to increase applications and enrolments

Ensure that exceptional standards are maintained at recruitment & transitional events

Evaluate and review recruitment procedures and constantly strive to improve
Putting our people at the heart of everything
Student Recruitment Function
Any Questions?
Raising Participation and Continuing to Improve in Challenging Times
A Presentation by Andrew Calde
3rd February 2014

Putting Our People at the Heart of Everything
Happy, successful students
Reputation, value & trust
Working together to achieve our goal
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