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eLA 2011 presentation


Sara Hennessy

on 13 May 2012

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Transcript of eLA 2011 presentation

ICTs are seen to be instrumental in modernising education ICTs need interactive
pedagogy to be effective ICT ICTs need to go hand in hand
with appropriate content OER PD Teacher
computer Student
computers Zambian
school mini b|w boards projector trolley /
security internet power (open, digital)
Resources Internet-based
resources Scratch Games Geogebra Pedagogy
and learning
dynamic group size encouraging
collaboration touch screen workshops &
OER4Schools robust hardware
uniform configuration
automatic login
locked down configuration
no update messages
applications on desktop
autoconnect to wifi
browser loads page from wlan
clonable standard OS access to internet microfinance Dealing with partial connectivity? Which devices? Effective PD? Effective collaboration? Sara Hennessy, Bjoern Hassler, Andrew Cross,
Tom Lord & Alan Jackson Creating interactive pedagogical spaces using portable technologies in the Zambian classroom “Supply-driven initiatives across the continent to provide teachers and pupils with so-called ICT skills... in the hope that this will mystically enable them to become better citizens... have [proved] wasteful and inappropriate.” (Unwin 2005, p. 126) “This multiplicity of interest means... frequent duplication of effort, lessons are not sufficiently learnt and shared, and there is a wasteful lack of coordination in the activities that actually take place.”
(Unwin, 2005, p. 121) eBook readers
• Kindle
• Nook Color
• Nook B&W
• WikiReaders

Laptops, netbooks, and tablets:
• Lenovo X61
• Lenovo Edge
• Lenovo S10-3t   
• ClassMate (JP Sa Couto)
• Advent Vega
• Advent Amico
• SmartQ V7
• Toshiba AC100
• Toshiba Folio Non-digital devices
• calculators         
• stop watches
• measuring tapes
• mini whiteboards/blackboards

• wifi hubs
• webcams as document projectors
• projectors (battery/LED, mains) School System School Teachers Barriers to Use Lack of skills
Lack of confidence
Lack of training Lack of devices
Lack of technical support
Lack of software Rigid curriculum or assessment scheme that does not blend with ICT Find out more... Presentation licensed as Creative Commons
Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License sch30@cam.ac.uk
bjoern@caret.cam.ac.uk (except images, video, logos) observation & video
post-lesson surveys
interviews activity
sheets OERs background
reading lesson
plans audio
resources lesson video clips texts 1-year course http://tinyurl.com/OER4schools
http://tinyurl.com/ICTreview Students: "exposure" When research is approached from a culturally sensitive perspective...

Researchers rely on participants’ perspectives and cultural understandings of the phenomena under study to establish connections between espoused theory and reality and then to generate theory based on these endarkened perspectives (p.271). Hennessy, S. & Onguko, B. (Eds), (May 2010)
“Developing the Use of ICT to Enhance Teaching and Learning in East African Schools: Review of the Literature”

Research Report No.1. CCE, Cambridge and Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development - Eastern Africa. lack of skills
lack of confidence
lack of training

"I could not locate 'application' in order to go to Open Office. It was not on the panels and elsewhere and this made me mad at the time."
--Abel lack of devices
lack of software
lack of technical support

“I think the school should strive to have its own network. This will help us teachers to do more research on topics before teaching.”
--Abel rigid curriculum
testing schema that doesn't blend with ICT "Most of them... come from a poor background, very poor background, where none of the parents have ever touched a computer before."

Some students learn to use the devices quicker because they may have used video games before.
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