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Ecozones, Taiga Shield

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Scott Elliott

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Ecozones, Taiga Shield

The ecozone we are studying is the Taiga Shield. The Taiga Shield is one of the largest ecozones in Canada and spans across the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Labrador. CLIMATE In the Taiga Shield, the climate is cool in the summer, at 12°C and cold in the winter, at -25°C. The annual precipitation is 300-900mm and the growing season is 100 to 140 days. VEGETATION Taiga Shield's vegetation is mainly coniferous trees, some hardy deciduous trees and land hugging shrubs. Some examples include black spruce, jack pine, green alder, paper birch, yellow pond lily, cattail and water parsnip. The soils are highly-leeched and have fair amounts of rock in it. This means that the soils aren't suitable for growing crops because the rock doesn't allow as many nutrients to pass through it. The amount of rock in this region is because it is placed on the Canadian Shield, one of the oldest rocks in the world. WILDLIFE Wildlife in the Taiga Shield are more suited for winter weather and usually have thick winter coats. There are no reptiles that live in the Taiga Shield due to the fact that there are such low tempertures annually. Animals that live here include, wolves, lynx, wolverine, arctic fox, snowshoe hare, blue-spotted salamander, tree sparrow, gray-cheeked thrush and raven. HUMAN ACTIVITIES TAIGA SHIELD Work activites in the Taiga Shield include trapping, mining, hunting, and tourism. Some minerals that are mined are, ore and diamond. The GDP of the Taiga Shield is $1.1 billion. Some recreational activities are hiking, boating, dog sled racing. This was our Prezi on the Taiga Shield, hope you enjoyed it. By Joseph Roberts and Scott Elliott
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