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Digital PR 120114b

No description

Alison Ward

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Digital PR 120114b

To enhance CDW’s reputation and increase awareness of CDW as a leading IT solutions and services provider among its targeted audiences.
Primary goal:
What all this “digital” fuss is about
• Audience engagement
• Blogs
• Content development
• Infographics
• Message amplification

• Search engine optimization
• Social media
• Two-way communication
• Videos
• Websites

A Best Practice Example: IBM at 100 Explore
2011 Centennial celebration
Press release
Video on YouTube
What we’re doing today:
Techniques in action
Cisco used Instagram to post a quote after their Twitter cloud chat
Lenovo’s #YOGAmyway campaign launched on Instagram
Techniques in action
Builds brand visibility
Builds a better brand image
Explores new markets
Takes followers “behind the scenes”
Puts a face to a company in a personal way
Techniques in action
Content syndication
Gives you exposure to another website’s audience
Builds brand awareness
Shares your story
Drives new audiences to your website
Guest blogging
Drives traffic back to your website
Builds your audience
More readers = more authority
Relationship building
Introduces you to someone’s network
IBM’s guest blog on Change the Equation
Guest blog post
Blog post
Brand journalism
Web page
The various Digital Comms tools available and what they can do for CDW
How do we track?
What’s important to measure?
Monitor various tools
Monitor content
Monitor web for meaningful engagements
Identify valuable analysis segments
Collect data for future campaigns
Make your infographic count:
Infographic by GOOD, with support from UPS
Mention in GOOD magazine increased the likelihood that the infographic was seen
Instead of a whitepaper, consider a contest:
Atmel ran a contest to reach their
engineering audience
82% of their target audience is engaging, yielding more than 11,000 social shares
CDW is on par with its competitors.
What we’ve found:
How we excel:
Complement traditional PR with digital
Enhance, leverage existing tools and processes
Enhance mobile responsiveness
Be visual
Share, repurpose, share again and repeat
Creating videos to complement stories
Search engine optimization
Creating shareable content and pollinating across platforms
Media Watch
CDW News Twitter
Spotlight, Forbes and tech blogs
Social sharing: Click to tweet
Content syndication
CDW Life
• Create community
• Expand reach
• Build brand awareness
• Position CDW as the “go-to” source in the market
• Drive home CDW’s thought and practice leadership in cloud,
mobility and security
• Create more digital, shareable content
• Leverage and promote content from other CDW channels

Secondary goals:
A Best Practice Example: IBM at 100 Explore
2011 Centennial celebration
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