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Learning from Cross-Cultural Military Experience in Thailand

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Rachel Han

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Learning from Cross-Cultural Military Experience in Thailand

Learning from Cross-Cultural Military Experience in Thailand
Thailand Rotation 3 Team 2
Armed Forces Preparatory Academies School (AFAPS)
Weekend Excursions
What I've Learned from the CULP Experience
Thai military & civil cultures

Differences in how the US & Thailand train military officers

Military diplomacy & international relations

Complex relationship between the U.S. military & Thai Armed Forces
The U.S. Army ROTC
Cultural Understanding Language Proficiency (CULP) Program
By: Cadet (Rachel) Han
Provide ROTC Cadets with a unique and broadening experience regarding Thai civil and military cultures.

Expose Cadets to Army Security Cooperation activities.

Facilitate a closer relationship between the US and Thailand, particularly with a young generation of US and Thai cadets.

Support USPACOM, JUSMAGTHAI, and the Thai military’s objective to improve English language proficiency.
CULP Thailand Objectives
Purpose: Help educate future leaders outside of the classroom in order to produce commissioned officers who possess both the language and cultural skills to support global operations in the 21st Century.

Opportunity for Cadets to be exposed to everyday life in foreign cultures of +40 countries.

Participants experience up to three different venues during immersion.
- humanitarian service
- host nation military-to-military contact
- education on the social, cultural and historical aspects of the country
3 rotations with 2 teams of about 10 Cadets each.

Each team was led by senior leader cadre.

Traveled in conjunction with a civilian agency/non-governmental agency.

Trip lasted one month.
- 5-day Soldier readiness process (SRP) in Fort Knox
- 24-day Active Duty deployment in Thailand
Military high school for the future leaders of the Royal Thai Armed Forces in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand.
Taught conversational English on the weekdays.

Joined the Thai Pre-Cadets for morning PT, after-school sports activities, and meals in their mess hall.
Were given opportunities to receive Thai pre-jump wings and to go shooting at the range on campus.
Rode elephants, went hiking & swimming at the Erawan National Park, and toured the Allied War Museum, the Allied War Cemetery, the Bridge over River Kwai, and the Prommitr Film Studio
Visited Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, ancient temples, markets, Bangsai Arts and Crafts Training Centre, and Monkey City

U.S. Army Cadet Command

CULP Thailand Rotation 3 Team 2

AFAPS Thai Pre-Cadets and Officers

Professor Barbara Beatty, Education Department Chair, Wellesley College
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