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No description

Stephanie Harris

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Religion

Core Beliefs
Core Beliefs
Secular Humanism
Jesus Christ was born to save the world
Persecuted for their different beliefs an lifestyles in ancient times (Egypt and Rome)
Jesus Christ gave us a perfect example
The perfect example leads to love god and this leads us to love all of his children
Crusades of christians to rid Jerusalem of "Infidels"
Core Beliefs
Spanish Inquisition
During the Holocaust by Nazi Germany
Difference of beliefs
They do not believe in Jesus
Political scapegoating
Citizen scapegoating
Believe there are no higher beings,after life or pre-mortal life.
What does your religion mean?
Is your religion worthless? Does it give you a right to judge others?
Belief in one god
Moses was the greatest prophet
Prayer should be directed to God only
Jesus was a false messiah and not God's son
Torah is the holy scripture
Backup Islam Slide
Core Beliefs
Belief in one God (Allah)
Follow the religion taught by the prophet Muhammad
Quran is scripture
Five Pillars: Faith,Prayer,Charity,Fasting, and Pilgramige
Actions judged by intentions
Faith and Purity
Early persecution in Mecca
Crusades and Spanish Inquistion
Kill, torture, and persecute Christians
Stereotyped as "Terrorists" in America after 9/11
In the name of God or Muhammad
Prophet Muhammad's command: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” ().
Political Control or favor
Because of attacks against the US and Christians
Members expected to follow the Bible
Persecuted by Muslims in eastern areas
Cannot accept other beliefs
Claim that people with different views are "lost" or "confused"
Protestants during the Reformation
Anti-catholic stereotypes
Homosexuality and Atheism don't fit into Catholic beliefs
Not condoned in the Bible
Stereotypes created because of these strict rules
Brief Summary
Cannot accept other beliefs
Is it okay to judge or persecute others based on religion?
No because...
There are no good reasons for it
It is counterproductive for society
Religion in Society
By Brent LeClair & Stephanie Harris
We live in a country with a growth diversity of beliefs, and it only makes sense that one set of beliefs not be officially endorsed by our government(Anne)
Your Religion
Means Nothing
Why is religion relevant when persecuting others?
"We basically believe in doing what we want, when we want it, and how we want it" (Kounelis)
Core Beliefs
Believe in God and follow the Bible
Follow all seven sacraments
Generally very traditional and literal
Believe Jesus was God's son
("What do Jews Believe?")
("Why the Jews?")
("Why the Jews?")
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