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File Extentions

No description

Julian Corella

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of File Extentions

File Extension By Julian Corella Today file extensions are helping us keep our files or projects organized and easy to find on our computers. Thanks to file extensions every file is categorized and makes a difference in your every days work. What File Extensions are about!!! Brain storm! A file extension is a suffix to a name of a computer file applied to indicate the encoding of it contents or usage. An example of an file extension is .mp3 for your music. A file extensions can be considered a type or metadata. They are commonly used to imply information. Some extensions limit the length of the extension up to three letters or numbers. The dot character is just another file name it is what separates the title from the file extension. like for example story.dos. DOS stands for Microsoft. Each file extension will stand for something. A file extension can be used with any title or any project, you or a student are working on. The file extension was used to easily determine the file's generic type. File extensions started to become associated with certain products. That is when they made the three letter or number extensions. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!! SMILE!!! YES, CLAP PLEASE!!!!! By Skull Productions YEAH, WOW!!! TEXT FILES Like for example a common text file extension would be .doc it stands for Microsoft Word Document. What this does is when you type anything on Microsoft and save it, the document or your paper will be under the file extension .dox on your computer. DATA FILES Like for example a common data file extension would be .pps witch stands for PowerPoint Slide Show were you can do projects. so if you save something on there you will find it under file extension .pps on your computer. AUDIO FILES A common audio file extension would be .mp3 witch stands for MP3 Audio File. What this lets you do is save any type of music on your computer. So you will find your music under .mp3 on your computer. It will give your music a label. VIDEO FILES A common Audio extension would .mov witch stands for Apple QuickTime Movie. There you can make videos for a project or just for fun. So when you save the video to your computer you can find it under .mov on your computer. Thats what a file extension does, to organize. GAME FILES A common extension would be .dem witch stands for Video Game Demo File. This is what your video games are under this extension. For example like when you save a game to your hard drive the game will be under a file extension. Then you can click and play the game you want.
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