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Jacques Cartier

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Shannon Dickson

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier Education Major Accomplishments Death and Cause of Death Jacques Cartier was a navigator from France who claimed Canada for his country. He was the first European to explore and chart the Saint Lawrence River. Later Life After 1542, when his third voyage ended, Jacques went back to Saint-Malo and his nearby estate.
He still had the title 'The King's captain and master pilot for new territories,' but he didn't go on any major expeditions after the third.
He lived in this house in Saint-Malo... Early Life Jacques Cartier belonged to a family of mariners. Birth and Family Jacques Cartier was a Frenchman who was born on December 31, 1491 in Saint-Malo, Brittany.
His parents were Jamet Cartier and Geffline Jansart.
He married Mary Catherine des Granches. Jacques Cartier studied navigation in the city of Dieppe in Seine-Maritime.
Dieppe was a French center for navigators back then.
He was very educated and not only studied navigation. He studied cartography (map making), astronomy, mathematics and seamanship. First Voyage
In 1534, King Francis the first of France sent Cartier on a trip to the eastern coast of North America. King Francis most likely sent Cartier for his experience and education on sailing and exploring.
Cartier was sent here to find gold, spices, and a passage to Asia. Cartier sailed on April 20 of 1534
He became famous for exploring the coast of the Newfoundland, finding Prince Edward Island, and sailing through the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Jacques Cartier died on September 1, 1557 at the age of 66.
Most people think he died from typhus (disease), but the cause of his death has not been confirmed.
Typhus is any of several forms of infectious diseases caused by fleas, lice, or mites.
Some people believe that he could have died from the Black Plague, too. There are not any major events that we know about in his life before 1534, except that he studied navigation in one of France's centers for navigation.
He was very respected after he married a women named Mary Catherine des Granches. She was a member of a family who was popular for being shipowners. Seine-Maritime, France Dieppe, Seine-Maritime Mary Catherine des Granches Saint-Malo, France Jacques Cartier Fun Facts People of the Renaissance Bibliography Major Accomplishments 2 Second Voyage King Francis was very impressed with Cartier discovery after he returned from the Newfoundlands. Because of this, King Francis sent Cartier on a second voyage.
Him and his men navigated St. Lawrence as far as Quebec.
Iroquois Native Americans who controlled the area greeted Cartier and his men when they came. From the Native Americans, Cartier heard that there was other rivers that led farther west, where gold, silver, copper, and spices could be found.
Cartier captured some Iroquois chiefs and went back to France. Here, Cartier told King Francis about the news. Major Accomplishments 3 Third Voyage In May of 1541, Cartier departed on his third voyage with five ships. His new plan was to establish a permanent settlement for France along the St. Lawrence River.
But after setting up camp, Cartier discovered a large amount of gold and diamonds. Cartier then left the base to bring the gold and diamonds.
His "Gold and Diamonds" were worthless. The "gold" was fools gold and the "diamonds" were quartz crystals.
The settlers that came to the settlement returned to France after they experienced their first bitter winter in Canada. On Jacques Cartier's first voyage, him and his crew came across an island called the island of the birds. Jacques and his crew apparently killed over 1000 birds when they were on that island. Most of these birds were the great auks. They are now extinct.
Cartier had been to the Americas, especially Brazil, before making his three major voyages.
Jacques Cartier's grave is in St. Vincent's Cathedral.
Jacques Cartier was born the year Columbus left to find America. Jacques Cartier
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