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The Difference Between Country life and City life.

BY: Brittany, Angela, and Christi.

Christi Prater

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The Difference Between Country life and City life.

By: Brittany, Angela, and Christi. The Difference between City Life and Country life Privacy. Noise. Stores. Health. Animals. People. Country- In the country you have more private space, this allows you to not feel like you're being watched all the time. Also other people are not always near you so you can have a more private life.

City- In the city there are more people so usually you can't be somewhere without someone being within 5ft of you. This doesn't allow a lot of private space. Country- The country has more nature sounds than the city. When you step outside in the morning you will usually hear birds, and at night you'll usually hear crickets.

City- The city has more machine sounds, like sirens, vehicles, people, and etc. This blocks out the natural noises you would hear in the country. Country- In the country stores are a little off, so this means you usually have to drive to stores. But since most local stores in the country are small the people who own the store or work there will know you, this means they are going to take more time on you because you are a loyal costumer. (Most of the time.)

City- In the city you can simply just walk to a store or even a restaurant, but a majority of the time the store owner or worker will not remember you and just treat you like a basic costumer. Country- In the country there is more fresh air and not as much waste as in the city. This means you are breathing healthier air than those in the city. Also the country is laid back, this means there is more time to relieve stress.

City- In the city there is pollution, which means the air is not healthy due to chemicals going in the air from cars, factories, and smokestacks. The city is also fast-paced so this can have an effect on your stress and not reliving it. Country- People tend to be nicer in the country, like when you're driving down the road you wave at almost everyone you pass. There is less violent crimes in the country also.

City- In the city people tend to be slighty meaner, for example they do not wave honest and some will be even ruder using hand symbols.... D: But there is more violent crimes in the city. Country- In the country you can have bigger pets as in cows, pigs, horses, goats, big dogs, etc. This can come in handy if you're interested in a farmer or animal/livestock job.

City- In the city you can only have small pets like birds, small dogs, cats, guinea pigs, etc. Some places do not allow pets in the city.
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