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Núria Serradell Mejias

on 30 April 2015

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By Serradell, Rodríguez, Ulchur, Roig, Nafría, Alonso and Zabala
What are the United Nations?
·It is an international organization.
·It was created on 24th October of 1945 when the UN charter was signed.
·Its main objectives are: to maintain international peace and security and promoting human rights and global development.
·It is formed by 193 Member States, of which 51 are founders.
What are the organs of the United Nations?

The Security Council (SC) deals with peace and security.
The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) deals with social, economic and environmental issues.
The Trusteeship Council (TC) supervises internationally trusted 11 territories.
The International Court of Justice(ICJ) is the only body that is located in The Hague (Netherlands).
The secretariat is formed by the general secretary and thousands of people internationally recognized.
The general assembly (GA) is the main deliberative organ of the UN.

Are the United Nations an international government?

The United Nations isn't a world government, is an organization of sovereign and independent states.
It provides solutions to conflicts and formulates policies on international affairs but not makes laws.
What is the letter of the United Nations?
The United Nations Charter is an international treaty to which the fundamental principles of international relations are established, is the base on which the UN is formed. It was signed on the 26th June of 1945 in the United Nations Conference on International Organization. It entered into force on 24th October of 1945.
What work has the general secretary?
Each 5 years a president is elected.
Sr.Ban Ki-moon was named the eighth General Secretary of the United Nations on the 1st January of 2007. Before he was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea.
The General secretary is the symbol of the ideas of the UN.
Some of the tasks he has to do are:
·Mediate international disputes
·Interpret speeches of the Organization
Where do they work?
The UN works in all the continents, and has some offices spread on every continent:
· Africa: Nairoby(Kenya) and Addis Ababa(Ethiopia). It has nine missions of peacekeeping.

· America: In North America the office is in NY and in South America the office is in Santiago de Chile, where is the Economic Commission for America.

·Asia: Bangkok(Thailand), Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

·Europe: Geneva(Switzerland) and Vienna( Austria). It has some political offices.
·Middle east: Beirut(Lebanon). It has offices in politics as ECLAC.
United Nations role in globalization
It plays a role in finding solutions that preserve the benefits of globalization while protecting those who suffer or have been left out.The UN should play a more important role. It has the role of political mediator.
The UNV is a volunteer program created by the UN General Assembly in 1970. It promotes relief, aid and development initiative. It moves more than 7500 persons every year, 70% support in developed countries and 30% in countries in development.
UN headquarters new york
(human rights organizations)
(San Francisco conference in 1945)
(United Nations general assembly)
(united nations general secretary)
(united nations members)
(united nations volunteers)
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