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Eagle Blue

No description

Michael Bertoline

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Eagle Blue

Thank You!
The Fort Yukon Eagles, a high school basketball team in arctic Alaska have a history of being one the best teams in their region. They make the playoffs frequently and have won a handful of championships throughout the years. So once again, the season starts and the kids finally get some free time from their labor focused childhood. As the season goes on the team does very well and make the playoffs. They win the Division and the Regional championship. Now, they have made it to the state championship, and the Eagles come up short, they lose the championship game. But, they were recognized by the state and received 4.3 million dollars to fund the school, so the team did not go home with nothing.
Fort Yukon, Alaska is very small and old fashioned. There is only a few stores in the village. Other then that, people get everything from nature. The takes place several years ago, around 2004-2005. The village is completely Eskimo, and the people still care for the natives, called "Gwich'in", who discovered the land and are very wise. There are no roads in/out of Fort Yukon, so the team spends $8,000 on a flight to each game and spends the night in either a motel room for all of them, or sleep inside the other team's school.(If they are that generous)
List of players on the Fort Yukon Eagles (boys team)
Johnny Adams
Josh Cadzow
Aaron, Derek, and Zach Carroll
Chris Engler
Tim and Wade Fields
Bruce, Justin, and Wes James
Kyle Joeseph
Matt Shewfelt
Tim Woods
The Eagles are coached by Dave Bridges, just any other working man in Fort Yukon. The Eagles all go to one school in the village and about thirty kids attend the high school. The kids have tough lives living in the village. Most of the day, they have intensive but important work to to do. They skin animals and fish and spend a lot of the day with a knife and a dead animal that somebody killed. In Fort Yukon, NOTHING goes to waste.
POV (hold it down)
The story is told in third person by the writer. In other words, Michael D'Orso is the specific narrator of the book. For example, Morgan Freeman produces, directs, and narrates a movie, that is pretty much what Michael D'Orso does in this book.
The lesson that this story tells is that people should be grateful for what the have. The people of Fort Yukon had barely anything before they received their school funds. What was dinner? Whatever a man killed and shared with other people. Every part of the Caribou was used for food(Grilled Caribou and Caribou Soup), the hides for clothing and blankets, the extra hair was stuffed in boots for warmth. No Netflix. No smartphones. No Taco Bell. Just one diner.
Written by Michael D'Orso
Prezi by Michael Bertoline

Eagle Blue
The Fort Yukon Eagle is symbolism for their native pride and their connection to nature. The natives create symbolism for all kinds of things, like words that stand for hunting and skinning techniques and really anything in nature that represents something.
"We go out with our heads up, gentleman" (304)

"We're sleeping on the cement floor of a church basement? Cool." (155)

"It's like David and Goliath. It's like that movie 'Hoosiers', only better. That was a little too polished for my taste, a little too Hollywood. I prefer the real thing." (101)

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