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Ambrose Wedding Photography

No description

kristine Ambrose

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Ambrose Wedding Photography

{Getting Ready}
Leslie Nestor Miranda brings five years of story telling experience to Ambrose Wedding Photography as a creative and professional second photographer. A lighting specialist, he captures the intimate moments that you will cherish in your wedding story. Clients refer to him as "The Ninja" because they rarely interact with his unobtrusive style during the wedding events. When clients receive the finished product, they are always amazed at the intricate moments captured by his specific eye.
Created to last a lifetime, wedding photographs interpret your love story and bring to life the connection you have to your family & friends. Join us as we take you through the process in which we make this happen for you.
Choose a location: Hollywood, the beach, favorite restaurant or hotel, movie theater, where you met, your backyard, a park, golf course,
resort - you name it.
The Dress. Flowers. Rings. Makeup. First Look.
Beautiful location. Friends. Family. Charm. Beautiful memories.
Unique points of view. Groom watches the bride. Bride catches his surprise. Mom starts to cry. Emotion. Dad starts to laugh.
Saying Hello. Congratulations. Dancing. Food. Cocktails. Decorations. Friends. Family. Dessert. Cake. Tossing. Grabbing. Talking. Old Friends. New Friends. Laughing. Crying. Posing. Not posing. Drinking. Eating. Lounging. Saying Goodbye. Everything you see and don't see. Endless.
About us.Here we go.
Clients call Leslie the

Ten years of photography experience,
a unique photo journalistic style and creative portraits
create the strong relationships we have with our clients.
By developing several points of view throughout
the wedding events, Kristine and her photography team build a
wedding story that will be enjoyed for generations.
Please contact us for additional information.
310-429-2184, KA@AmbroseWeddings.com
{About the Team}
Romance and art. Two aspects of a wedding that shine through our photography. Unobtrusive and kind. Two words used frequently to describe our work. Love and family. Two most important parts of life.
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