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Teachmeet Flip

Why Flip cameras help support learning & teaching

Peter Mulvey

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Teachmeet Flip

Allows instant reflection of
young people's practical performance
identifies areas of development
enables changes in performance to be viewed
Video evidence builds up a portfolio of performance through unit assessments
Using Digital Video in the Classroom
Video lessons as you teach;
Allows playback instantly to recap concepts
Creating teaching resources that can be played back instantly in the learning area
Evaluate and improve
Use for peer assessment and self assessment
build confidence in young people's skills development
Share practice and standards with colleagues and parents
Use as a learning log to build up pupil profiles.
Let the young people determine what they wish to see or record
More ideas at:
Upload video to teacher tube or Vimeo
Stream video into your Glow groups
Consider visualisers & webcams too
Can be used as:
For stop-go-animation
Software supplied
£65 from RM
3M Shoot & Share
Records and takes stills
Good quality images
Built in projector for replay anywhere
Rm for £245
AVerMedia AVerVision CP135 - digital document camera
Built-in memory that can save up to 80 images at 3 megapixels each
Swiftly magnify details with the exclusive Shuttle Wheel
Record and review instructional steps with Continuous Capture
£245 at RM
Learners should:
demonstrate their knowledge and understanding, skills, attributes and capabilities through a wide range of evidence including specific assessment tasks, activities, test and examinations.
shape and review their learning by reflection, setting learning goals and next steps including through personal learning planning.

Education Scotland: Assessment, Roles and responsibilities
Through sharing, understanding and applying standards and expectations, quality assurance helps to raise standards and expectations, and levels of consistency across teachers and schools.

Building the Curriculum 5: Quality Asssurance and Moderation
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