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No description

viko aufaga

on 7 July 2010

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Transcript of Pluto

Double click anywhere & add an idea Pluto is a Dwarf planet Pluto is also thought to be a meteor because of its strange rotation pluto has a moon charon scientists have sent a satellite up into space to discover pluto!!!! and sent it to jupiter wich will sling shoot it to pluto pluto was discoverd in 1930 pluto is mainly made up of rock and ice it takes 248 earth years to orbit the sun its atmosphere is very thin of nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide pluto's farthest distance from the sun is 7,375,927,931 km 1 day on pluto is 6.387 earth day's the temperature on a hot day on pluto is -223degrees C the gravity on pluto is 0.06 of earth's gravity the size of pluto is only 2390 km
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