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No description

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Babyhood:

Learning to Think
Independent thought
Object Permanence
The understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be observed
Develop concept by age two
Being Alone
Memory, distinction between mind and body
Object Permanence
Good and Bad
Decipher between good and bad
Moral sense
Too many bad experiences = emotional risk
Clinical example
Clinical Example
Joanne cried often
Mother became frustrated
Anxiety, experiences
Failure to connect
Illness- lacked comfort
Remaining adult
Recovery = rapid
What do you think
What will happen if a baby who has no concept of object permanence observes his/her mother hiding a toy under a blanket? How will they react when it is hidden? When it is revealed?
Becoming a Person in the Family

Thinking process- most basic and important development of babies mind
Development of Thought
Most important mental process
Intense feelings
Emotional Implications of Physical Development
Baby's teeth
Babyhood: most dependent stage
Tools vs. weapons
Relationship Between the Mind & the Outer World
Internal world
Stores memories
Theatre of characters
Ex. Imaginary Friends
Separation & Loss
Practice being alone
Perseverance & resiliency
Social support
End of first year
Goodbye to breast feeding
George's example
Clinical Example
Catherine-15 months old
Refused to be weaned
Counseling --> Positive
Call the Midwife
Mother insisted baby was ill
Baby kept becoming more ill
Nurses could not diagnose the baby
Learn of mother's past
Mother's mental health is affected
Mother seeks help
Baby recuperates
Goodness and Containment
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