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Lemons vs. Watermelons vs. Oranges

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Kyan Kutsunai

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of Lemons vs. Watermelons vs. Oranges

Materials and Procedures
Independent variable: types of watermelons lemons and oranges

Dependent variable:amount of acid absorbed by the litmus paper
Lemons have more acid than watermelons and oranges
Lemons vs. Watermelons vs. Oranges
Background information/research
What does acidic mean:
Being or containing acid

Does the weight or size affect the acid level in fruit: It depends on the fruit

Does the level of sweetness affect the acidity:It decreases the sweetness
Which one is more sweater lemons,
oranges, watermelon: Watermelons are the sweetest.
Big Question
Results conclusion
The results of my experiment supported my hypothesis because that lemons have more acid then oranges and watermelons.
type of fruit
is more acidic

or oranges
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