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My Outline Argument

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Krysta Cady

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of My Outline Argument

The topic of my argument, my claim, and my counterclaim.

In my Outline, I will answer the question that has been debated for so long: 'Is Brutus a betrayer or a patriot?' With all the information on Brutus, the video, and the speeches, I believe he is a patriot. Brutus stands up for Rome and honors Rome because he kills Caesar to save Rome. At the Battle of Philippi, Brutus kills himself because he had done all that he could do for Rome. He had tried his best and now was defeated-he gave his life for Rome. One may disagree with me because he did deceive some of the fellow leaders of Rome and he did kill Caesar but Brutus only did this for Rome's sake. He killed Caesar because Caesar was leading Rome in the wrong direction. He lied to the leaders because it was the only way he knew how to make Rome the highest city.
I. Introduction
III. Claim
IV. Conclusion
One thing that stuck out to me was that it showed that he killed himself at the end...this means that he had been a patriot all along. One may ask, "So you have both reasons why he could be a betrayer or a patriot...which one is it?" Brutus is a patriot because like I said before, all Brutus' plans evolved around saving Rome. Killing Caesar, deceiving people of Rome, Battle of Philippi... all these were for saving Rome. Rome is Brutus' god...he gave everything for Rome.
II. Counterclaim

Right after Caesar was killed, Brutus and Antony give a speech. In these speeches, I would agree that Brutus is a betrayer and Antony is a patriot. Brutus' speech seemed a little fake and short- almost as if he was glad Caesar was dead. Brutus also states that the people should believe in him for killing Caesar and that all the honor goes to himself. Antony, on the other hand, gives a much more realistic/ heart-feeling speech that doesn't focus the attention on just Caesar, but also the man who killed Caesar-Brutus.

I would consider Brutus as a betrayer when he lied to his fellow citizens. He lied to them to kill Caesar but from just watching that part, I thought that he was surly a betrayer. People on the same side should agree and be in it together. When Brutus betrayer his own people-he was considered a betrayer.

When Brutus killed Caesar, I thought 'Surely Brutus is a betrayer because he killed his own emperor!' This set me off guard because when someone kills his own king, they are obviously on the opposite side. This would mean that Brutus was, again, a betrayer-at least when he killed Caesar. Little did I know that Brutus did this to save Rome!

By: me
My Outline Argument
First of all, Brutus made the right choice by killing Caesar because Caesar would've hurt Rome and made Rome fall. Brutus loved Rome and he didn't want to see Rome go under. The only thing Brutus could possible do was...kill Caesar. By killing Caesar, Brutus actually saved Rome from Caesars plans for falling Rome.

Second of all, I could tell Brutus was a patriot when he went to the Battle of Philippi. He fought with all he had and in the end...he was defeated miserable. Brutus was so distraught for Rome that he killed himself. Brutus gave everything...even his life for Rome. This proves that he is a patriot.

I don't know if any-one else had noticed but all Brutus' plans evolved around saving Rome. Killing Caesar, deceiving people of Rome, Battle of Philippi... all these were for saving Rome. All these mean that Brutus is a patriot!
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