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Copy of Template

to be used as a template - save as a copy to rename as your own

Mrs. Lujano

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Template

Agenda 1/7/2014
Lose Weight
Feed a Shark
Nga Uara
Blocks/Nga Arai

managing asthma
tired alot

Te Wananga o Raukawa
Studying Poutāhu
Pukenga Matua

Paying personal loan and credit card
low personnal saving account
Kiwisaver and life Insurance
travel around to visit family

Slack wtih Self Discipline
Love eating food,
impulsive buying clothes

Busy with responsibilites and workload

Late Nights
love watching movies
half way there
'Once you make a decision the universe will conspire to help you'
Ko wai? Mo te aha?
Lose Weight
be active and keep up with the mokopuna
change eating habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle
live longer with loved ones

Otaki Medical Center, Heneiti
adhere to notices or mail for appointments for women of my age
Nga Purapura -
use the gym for daily fitness, personal workout programme

Te Wananga o Raukawa
Tari o Whakaakoranga,weekly meetings with
Tari Whakahaere,
Maria or Helen
Oku hoa o te Wananga o Raukawa and students

Budget Advisor

Cheerful Disposition
kapa haka

IT Skills
Interactive Board Training on Promethean Board
use PC and Apple computers
Teaching Skills

Punctual pay accounts online
Set up weekly menu with

Heneti Davis August 2013

Check calender with
Manurere September 2013
Maria Collier, October 2013

Discuss Income and Expenses for the year with
Dave, September 2013
Weekly visit and planned menu to discuss with
Heneti Davis, September 2013

Checklist for completed assignments with
Helen Taiaroa view papers for 2015

Checklist target for Visa Cart and Personnal loan with
Dave, February 2014

Weigh in - lose at least half of weight goal
Heneti Davis October 2013

Checklist for complete assignments with
Maria Collier, July 2015

Checklist target for Visa Card and Personnal loan with
Dave February 2015
Debt Free
build a healthy savings account, no more loans and interest penalities.
to be able to travel where I want
buy for whanau
Graduate with Masters, be a role to my children and their children.
KetchUp Work Due for Today...

Nga Kare a roto
So Try a new Resolution.
Demerit FREE
Merit Worthy!
(Reader 1) 1st part of the class period. 15 mins.

Your Job Today is to FINISH the following Tasks: (Check off each job you have completed or highlight it in Microsoft Word.)

Job 1:Login to the Computer next login to Edmodo- Complete and turn in the Journal Entry.

Job 2: After finishing your Journal Entry Silently Read the Agenda to yourself. Expect throughout the class period for your teacher to select at least 6 Agenda readers. During the times of each Agenda reading. You are expected to please stop what you are working on, go to your Agenda, remain seated quitely, listen and follow along on the Agenda. Please do NOT close the Agenda leave it open throughout the class period for we will be returning to it quite frequently to find out what we will be working on next in class.

(Reader 2) 2nd part of the class period. 35 mins
Job 3: You are expected to complete the Green IT Packet Due today 1/6/14 with your partner. Each student must turn in their own work for a grade even if they are teamed up or partner up.

Turn in Edmodo
1. The Green It Flyer with the Rubric
2. Kilowatt Power Meter Project Excel SpreadSheet with the Rubric (NOTE: There are only 4 Kilowatt Power Meters plugged in for four teams to read off the meters.
Total Points: 40

(Reader 3) 3rd part of the class period. 35 mins
Job 4: After the first part of class is done. Next, you will have time to complete at least 3 to 5 KetchUp assignments. Use the Bingo Cards as a check off list for any of your missing assignments .Complete a Bingo Card and turn it in along with all your missing assignments and earn 5 points.

Complete all five BIngo Cards earn 25 points. This is the Last week for KetchUp work to be turn in. If you follow along with the Bingo Cards and the Suggested work to complete you just might get all your work completed on time before Friday.

(Reader 4) Suggested KetchUp Work to Turn in Today (These assignments are all in your Bingo Cards):
Don't forget to turn in all your work in Edmodo in the comment section of each assignment. Along with not forgetting to mark off your Bingo Cards for points with a highlighter in Microsoft Word. Next turn in the Bingo Card if you complete it and earn 5 points.

1. About Me Paper
2. Word Press E- Portfoio with all the folders created inside of it and shared with your teacher by sending a link via Edmodo in the comment section.
3. Jounral Entries For the Months of September or December
4.Hour of Code: Angry Birds
5. Exit Slips For the Monts of September or December
Due: 1/10/14 - Friday - No more Excuses, Exceptions nor Extensions ALLOWED.

(Reader 5) Finish your late work by this WEEK or recieve a zero for a final grade! This is the last week to turn in any late work. Make this week count for your grade and to pass this course or repeat this class during the next quarter or summer. Select wisely how you spend time in class this week at this point it is very important your grade is counting on it. So, Make it Count!

(Actually Use the time provided in class for KetchUp work and get it done or get Tutor time, after school 1/2 hour for Mon,Wed,Thur or 1 1/2 hour Tuesday or do it at home, but get it done by this Friday!) Consider this a FInal Fair Warning from the previous one's you have already recieved by your teacher, parents, family, advisor, counselor, coach, etc.

(Reader 6) 4th part of the class period. 5 mins
Job 5:Exit Slip
Job 6: Homework: Any of the Suggested KetchUp work you did not complete in class today is homework.
1. About Me Paper
2. Word Press E- Portfoio with all the folders created inside of it and shared with your teacher by sending a link via Edmodo in the comment section.
3. Jounral Entries For the Months of September or December
4.Hour of Code: Angry Birds
5. Exit Slips For the Monts of September or December
Due: 1/10/14 - Friday - No more Excuses, Exceptions nor Extensions ALLOWED.

Strengths/ Whakapakari
Set a date for your plan
12 months
12 June 2013
Explanation of this part of the process and choices of priorities:
Explanation of Values
Now (Snap Shot)
a short description that tells you what a
Who we need to enrol
If you Break a RULE TODAY

Face your Consequences. If I choose to Break a Rule Today. For instance, not do my class work or homework, having a side conversations, eating any chips or any type of food or drink, exploring the internet for anything off class topic including stores (shoes, video games, etc), last year this privilege was tooken away so no listening to music anymore, playing video games or watching a movie/video/music video looking at off the class topic pictures. Then do not complain, whine, etc like a teenager. JUST face your consequences as a young adult.
AGENDA 1/6/14
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