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Copy of Count of Monte Cristo


Juliana Wright

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Count of Monte Cristo

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo

ecrit par Alexandre Dumas

Since his French father, Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, died of cancer when he was only four, Dumas grew up quite poor. He had an older sister, Marie-Alexandrine.
A tale of betrayal, vengeance, and justice.
(The Count of Monte Cristo written by Alexandre Dumas)
Alexandre Dumas was the grandson of a French nobleman and a Haitian slave.
His father was a general in Napoleon's army at age 31, but he fell out of his favor. He then spent two years as a prisoner of war.
Dumas eventually found great commercial
success in his writings which include:
The Man in the Iron Mask
The Three Musketeers
The Count of Monte Cristo
was originally written
as a serial and published in installments in 1844.
The action of the novel moves all over the Mediterranean and spans a 23 year period from
1815 to 1838.
It's the most famous and popular action-adventure novel ever published with over 200 million copies sold.
The Count of Monte Cristo
written by Alexandre Dumas
It has been adapted multiple times into various movies, television shows, plays, novels, and comics. The recent television show
is a loose adaptation of Dumas' novel.
Edmund is betrayed by people he trusts, and he is imprisoned as a political criminal in the Chateau D'If.
Edmund Dantes is determined to avenge the wrongs committed against him and punish his enemies.
Historical Fiction - the setting is drawn from real historical events, but the principle characters are fictional
Romantic Era – Romanticism emphasized intuition, imagination, and feeling. There was a focus on nature and an escape from society's judgement and restrictions.

You will take fateful journey with Edmund Dantes, a young, hopeful, French sailor who had it all.
The Count of Monte Cristo
theatrical trailer
Dumas had numerous affairs and fathered two illegitimate children. He named his son Alexandre Dumas, and he grew up to be a writer like his father.
The people should have the power
Common people supported this

Support Kings, Aristocracy
Not as many followers
Don’t like it that Napoleon came into power

As our tale begins. . .
Napoleon Bonaparte has been exiled to the Isle of Elba
Illegal to be a Bonapatist – People could not have
anything to do with Napoleon/Elba

The political climate during the French Revolution
plays an important role in our tale of revenge.

Byronic Hero
dark qualities usually supplemented by intelligence and self-respect
isolated from society
moody, passionate, arrogant, confident
may be a figure of repulsion as well as fascination
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