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Letters to the King of Portugal

No description

Edin Muslić

on 1 November 2015

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Transcript of Letters to the King of Portugal

This letter is written by the King of Kongo Nzinga Memba to the King of Portugal Alfonso. (1526)
In this letter he has described the following problems created by the presence of Portuguese in his country.
-The traders are selling many prohibited items and enriching the king's vassals to the point where they no longer consider themselves subject to him.
Life in Kongo have been incredibly chaotic and terrifying.
-The Portuguese king will be completely indifferent to Memba's letter and his distress.
-The king is allowing merchants and traders to control the situation.
-Memba deals with the chaos of his kingdom's social structure being ruined, his people being sold into slavery, and the others dying of disease.
-The only hope of the Kongolese is to be armed resistance to the Portuguese who have brought such ruin upon them.
-King of Kongo asked for a help for drugs and medicines and he begged them to be kind to send them two physicians and two apothecaries and one surgeon.
-King of Kongo asked them for help because besides being good in itself it is in the service of God.
Letters to the King of Portugal
Edin Muslić
Serkhan Novruzov
Valeh Tahmazli

King of Kongo
Nzinga Memba
-This letter established close with the West African kingdom of Kongo, resulting in the introduction of the Christian religion and European goods into the country.
-The Portuguese are destroying the social structure of the Kongo by allowing merchants and traders to import goods that are forbidden.
-The Portuguese are doing whatever they want,regardless of whether the Kongolese government forbids things.
King of Portugal
Kingdom of the Kongo
Kingdom of the Portugal
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