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What is the value of learning an art form (for example, Diploma Programme music or visual arts)?

Takahiro Inoue

on 6 September 2013

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What is the value of learning an art form? (for example, Diploma Programme music or visual arts)
2. Creative thinking
3. Culture, History and Society
TOK Presentation-

1. The ways to communicate or express our ideas and messages

-how to create unique things
-When we analyze art, we also need to have knowledge for culture, history and society.
Presented by... Takahiro Inoue
Focused on Criterion: A
We can learn ...
-learn effective ways to present or organize my ideas and messages
personal experience/example:
Because I have been learning art since I was in elementary school, I know some good ways to organize my ideas. (For example: Using point form, Brainstorming)
I also learned the ways to attract others (For example: When I make a poster, I use some colors and images)

I looked and analyzed some beautiful art works so that I could learn what can attract others and how can I express my ideas effectively.
We can learn ...
- learn how to use other things to express our ideas and messages
Example: We learn how to draw, paint, make sculptures etc... in DP art class
personal experience/example:
Art often requires creative thinking/imagination
Through art classes, I often need to come up with some creative ways to express my idea.
For example... when I create imaginary drawings in art class, I need to have some imaginations to create it.

Creative art can attract people.
For example... Steve Jobs created Mac computers and iPhone. Because these were really creative and useful, these were sold all around the world and he earned a lot of money. Creativity can attract people and it also can be a business.
Some people might contend that...
if we just copy other artist's work and draw on it and make it my art work, we don't need creativity.
I personally think that it is called deformation and the idea that copy other artist's work and change it is already unique way so that you already used your creativity.
We can learn ...
personal experience/example:
When we analyze art deeply, we need to have knowledge for these aspects

When I analyze artists and their art works in DP art class, I always need to research cultural and historical background. Also, many art work represent massages that relate to society.
Some people might contend that...
Some art work do not include messages or ideas related to culture, history and society so that we don't need to have these knowledge.
I think that people tend to evaluate and praise art work with these aspects more than the art work that do not include these aspects.
Actually, popular art works that I have learned and most people know mostly include these aspects so that I think I can say that popular and variable arts have these aspects and to understand these, you need knowledge.
Thank you!
From my personal experience, there three major value of learning art form.
We can learn...
1. The ways to communicate and express our ideas and messages
2. Creative thinking
3. Culture, History and Society
through learning art.
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