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Tutorial 1, Introduction to your iPad

No description

Christine Probert

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Tutorial 1, Introduction to your iPad

iPad Tutorial
Things a beginner needs to know
Apple ID
You can create an Apple ID via the Apple website, through iTunes or on your iOS device
Apple ID refers to the email address used
Gives you access to content on the iTunes Store, apps, music, video, iTunesU
It is your Personal Apple passport, over multiple devices
Outlook setup
Apple ID
Firstly what does Apple mean for us?
Hardware, iMac,
Laptops, iPhones,
iPads, iPods,
Nano, Shuffle,
Apple TV
Software, OSX,
Lion, iOS, Apps,
iTunes, iTunesU,
ePubs, iWorks,
iCloud, wireless syncing
and backups, Music,
Managing multiple Devices,
Apple Support
An Apple ID is a user name you use for everything you do with Apple. Creating an account for an Apple service, such as the iTunes Store or the App Store, creates an Apple ID. Apple ID allows you to access other Apple services. You don't have to create a new account for each service—just use your Apple ID.
On set up
When you
try to log in
Accessing the iCloud
What is an App?
The shortened slang term for a computer or smart phone application.
An App is a stand alone programme on your iPad
The App Store
The Apps store can be accessed from your iPad
There are over 900,000 Apps available
in 23 different categories
All Apps are stored on your Apple ID
Over 50 Billion Apps have been downloaded and counting
Built in Apps
Downloading Apps
Click on the App Store app from your iPad home screen.
: A list of "New and Noteworthy" apps.
Top Charts
: A list of the most popular apps, which is divided into Top Paid Apps, Top Free Apps and Top Grossing Apps. Tap on "Show More" to see more options.
: A list of Apps divided into categories such as News, Entertainment and Games.
All your purchased app are store here and under you Apple ID
: Checks if any app you've downloaded has an update.
Searching for an App
Selecting the App
Find out more about an App
Apps are programs with specific functions
Apps allow you to do things on the iPad
Apps are downloaded and installed from the App Store
Don't forget to play
What is the iCloud?
To find out more go to
Setting up the iCloud
in the initial set up of the iPad
Setting up the iCloud
in the settings App of the iPad
Accessing the iCloud from your computer
download the control panel
Find my Phone
Stores information from your Apple ID
5GB of storage space in the cloud
Wireless syncing
Easy access to your backed up information
Easy to restore any devices or set up a new device
Find your Phone, built in location awareness
Clouding does not include Outlook mail and calendars as they are stored in their own clouding type system, like gmail etc..
Setting up Outlook mail to be received on the iPad
Under the "settings" app
Go to "Mail, Contact, Calendars"
Fill in the fields required
Email address, AUT User name and Password

Server Name
all the other fields information will be carried across from the previous page
What to sync from your account
You can now access your emails from the mail App
A good App for discovering your way around the iPad
Happy iPading
What would you like to know about using the iPad for learning and teaching?
The iPad
Initial set up
Choose language
Choose country
Wi-fi Networks
"AUT unisurf"
connect to...
If you have any problems at this stage, please ask a LATTE for assistance
Set up:
Choose either, "New iPad" or "Restore from a backup"
Signing in with an Apple ID
Creating an Apple ID
Email Address
Security Questions
Location Services
iCloud Settings
Use iCloud for syncing
Backing up
Find my iPad
Almost there...
Automatically send reports to Apple
Let's start using the iPad
AUT Unisurf and AUT Cache
Under "Settings"
Select "Wi-fi"
Choose a Network
The Cache
Go to Safari (your web browser)
Using the book icon try and go to any web on the internet, this will force it to go to the AUT Cache log in page
AUT Staff Log in
AUT Password
Do not forget to tick "remember me" and change the duration you are logged in for
Click on the "share" icon and select "Add to home screen"
Back space the "sta" to create a button called 'AUT Cache", then click "add"
App Store
Tips and Tricks - iPad Secrets
Introduction to the iPad from ICT services
In safari
go to...
log in with your AUT log in
and search for...
Then open in
Initial set up
"skip this step"
Creating an Apple ID
part 2
Scroll down to the
"iTunes & Appstore"
Select "sign in"
and follow the steps
AUT cache
Vodafone Sim
375,000 Apps have been designed for the iPad
We have to do this because we are not logged onto the cache
With your wifi turned
go to:
to activate you SIM card
"There's an app for that."
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