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English Oral Presentation : Overpopulation

No description

pak engmay

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of English Oral Presentation : Overpopulation

human > carrying capacity

Man cannot live in the mist of plenty.
(An essay to the principle of population, 1978 )
Thomas Robert Malthus
Current Situation
billion at 2042
(Population institution, 2011)

Population stability
human welfare
economic benefits
On the contrary...

(Ridley, 2013)
Research Question
Does human population growth benefits the environment and society?
climate change
Climate Change
Carbon Footprint
measures in tons of CO2
Source : IEA, 2010
CO2 Emission and Population Growth
total amount of greenhouse gases used to directly or indirectly support human activities
carbon storehouse
Once logged, it will emit large amount of CO2
Rate of climate change increases
promotes greenery of the planet
Source: Bostun University; Ridley, 2013
Mother Earth on "fever"!
increase in global temperature
melting of glazier and polar icecaps
Source: Natural Resource Defence Council, 2005
more often than not...
Chronic hunger
Source: Food and Agriculture Organisation, 2010
lack of availability of arable land
water scarcity
food price rises
Quality of life falls
sustainable lifestyle
Live in small depreviation to severe deficiency
(Population Media, 2009)
need of education, health care and livelihoods
Supply of human capital for economic growth
labor force availability
lower cost of labor and production
In China,
average labor cost is only 5% of those in developed countries
stable economy growth rate 9.3%
1.3 billion of human population
more often than not...
Social Insecurity
high rate of unemployment
high crime rate
((China Daily, 2002; World Bank, n.d.)
unpredictable climate change
starvation and low quality of life
the government of nation with high population
reduce birth rate
enhance status of women
role of international community
curb greenhouse gases emissions
protocols and conferences
(Ridley, 2013)
(Natural Resource Defense Council, 2005).
Reference list
Centre for Biological Diversity. (n.d.). Human Population Growth and Climate Change. Population
and Sustainability. Retrieved January 2014, from http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/programs/population_and_sustainability/climate/
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changing and challenging our world. Retrieved from http://www.populationinstitute.org/external/files/reports/from-6b-to-7b.pdf
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from http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/9057151/carry-on-warming/
(Kothare, 1999)
Thank you!
Name : Pak Eng May
Class : Eng-2-12
Lecturer : Ms. Michelle Chan
(Time For Change, 2007)
Reduces capacity of planet to absorb CO2
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